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Package urlutil contains utility functions related to URLs.



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func AppendQuery

func AppendQuery(s string, query url.Values) string

AppendQuery appends the given query string as an url.Values to the given URL. It works correctly even if the URL already has a query string.

func IsURL

func IsURL(s string) bool

IsURL returns true iff s looks like a URL.

func Join

func Join(base string, rel string) (string, error)

Join returns the result of joining the base URL with the rel URL. If either base or rel are not valid URLs, an error will be returned.

func MustJoin

func MustJoin(base string, rel string) string

MustJoin works like Join, but panics if there's an error.

func SameHost

func SameHost(url1, url2 string) bool

SameHost returns true iff both URLs point to the same host. It works for both absolute and relative URLs.


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