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func GenerateID

func GenerateID() string

GenerateID generates a unique ID


type DataStore

type DataStore interface {
	OrganizationNew(organization OrganizationNewRequest) (string, error)
	OrganizationGet(id string) (*domain.Organization, error)
	OrganizationGetByName(name string) (*domain.Organization, error)
	OrganizationList() ([]domain.Organization, error)

	DeviceNew(device DeviceNewRequest) (string, error)
	DeviceGet(brand, model, serial string) (*domain.Enrollment, error)
	DeviceGetByID(deviceID string) (*domain.Enrollment, error)
	DeviceEnroll(device DeviceEnrollRequest) (*domain.Enrollment, error)
	DeviceList(orgID string) ([]domain.Enrollment, error)
	DeviceUpdate(deviceID string, status domain.Status, deviceData string) error

DataStore is the interfaces for the data repository

type DeviceEnrollRequest

type DeviceEnrollRequest struct {
	Brand        string
	Model        string
	SerialNumber string
	DeviceKey    string
	StoreID      string

DeviceEnrollRequest is the request to enroll a device. The details come from the model and serial assertion

type DeviceNewRequest

type DeviceNewRequest struct {
	ID             string
	OrganizationID string
	Brand          string
	Model          string
	SerialNumber   string
	Credentials    domain.Credentials
	DeviceData     string

DeviceNewRequest is the request to create a new device

type OrganizationNewRequest

type OrganizationNewRequest struct {
	Name        string
	CountryName string
	ServerKey   []byte
	ServerCert  []byte

OrganizationNewRequest is the request to create a new organization

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