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Package cmd implements console commands



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const (
	Yes = "yes"
	No  = "no"

Various command flags/UI things


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func CleanupContext added in v0.9.1

func CleanupContext()

CleanupContext does partial shutdown of context

func InitContext

func InitContext(flags *flag.FlagSet) error

InitContext initializes context with default settings

func ListPackagesRefList

func ListPackagesRefList(reflist *deb.PackageRefList) (err error)

ListPackagesRefList shows list of packages in PackageRefList

func LookupOption added in v0.9.1

func LookupOption(defaultValue bool, flags *flag.FlagSet, name string) (result bool)

LookupOption checks boolean flag with default (usually config) and command-line setting

func PrintPackageList added in v0.9.6

func PrintPackageList(result *deb.PackageList, format, prefix string) error

PrintPackageList shows package list with specified format or default representation

func RootCommand

func RootCommand() *commander.Command

RootCommand creates root command in command tree

func Run added in v0.9.1

func Run(cmd *commander.Command, cmdArgs []string, initContext bool) (returnCode int)

Run runs single command starting from root cmd with args, optionally initializing context

func ShutdownContext

func ShutdownContext()

ShutdownContext shuts context down


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