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func RunMethodIfExists

func RunMethodIfExists(rpcService *CliRpcService, args []string, pluginList map[string]plugin_config.PluginMetadata) bool


type CliRpcCmd

type CliRpcCmd struct {
	PluginMetadata *plugin.PluginMetadata
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*CliRpcCmd) AccessToken

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) AccessToken(args string, retVal *string) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) ApiEndpoint

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) ApiEndpoint(args string, retVal *string) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) ApiVersion

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) ApiVersion(args string, retVal *string) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) CallCoreCommand

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) CallCoreCommand(args []string, retVal *bool) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) DisableTerminalOutput

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) DisableTerminalOutput(disable bool, retVal *bool) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) DopplerEndpoint

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) DopplerEndpoint(args string, retVal *string) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) GetCurrentOrg

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) GetCurrentOrg(args string, retVal *plugin_models.Organization) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) GetCurrentSpace

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) GetCurrentSpace(args string, retVal *plugin_models.Space) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) GetOutputAndReset

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) GetOutputAndReset(args bool, retVal *[]string) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) HasAPIEndpoint

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) HasAPIEndpoint(args string, retVal *bool) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) HasOrganization

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) HasOrganization(args string, retVal *bool) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) HasSpace

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) HasSpace(args string, retVal *bool) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) IsLoggedIn

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) IsLoggedIn(args string, retVal *bool) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) IsSSLDisabled

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) IsSSLDisabled(args string, retVal *bool) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) LoggregatorEndpoint

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) LoggregatorEndpoint(args string, retVal *string) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) SetPluginMetadata

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) SetPluginMetadata(pluginMetadata plugin.PluginMetadata, retVal *bool) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) UserEmail

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) UserEmail(args string, retVal *string) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) UserGuid

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) UserGuid(args string, retVal *string) error

func (*CliRpcCmd) Username

func (cmd *CliRpcCmd) Username(args string, retVal *string) error

type CliRpcService

type CliRpcService struct {
	Pinged bool
	RpcCmd *CliRpcCmd
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRpcService

func NewRpcService(commandRunner *cli.App, outputCapture terminal.OutputCapture, terminalOutputSwitch terminal.TerminalOutputSwitch, cliConfig core_config.Repository, repoLocator api.RepositoryLocator) (*CliRpcService, error)

func (*CliRpcService) Port

func (cli *CliRpcService) Port() string

func (*CliRpcService) SetTheApp

func (cmd *CliRpcService) SetTheApp(app *cli.App)

func (*CliRpcService) Start

func (cli *CliRpcService) Start() error

func (*CliRpcService) Stop

func (cli *CliRpcService) Stop()


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