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func Command

func Command(t testing.TB, args ...string) *exec.Cmd

Command returns an exec.Cmd appropriate for testing the u-root command.

Command decides which executable to call based on environment variables: - EXECPATH="executable args" overrides any other test subject. - UROOT_TEST_BUILD=1 will force compiling the u-root command in question.

func IsExitCode

func IsExitCode(err error, exitCode int) error

IsExitCode takes err and checks whether it represents the given process exit code.

IsExitCode assumes that `err` is the return value of a successful call to exec.Cmd.Run/Output/CombinedOutput and hence an *exec.ExitError.

func Run

func Run(m *testing.M, mainFn func())

Run sets up necessary commands to be compiled, if necessary, and calls m.Run.


type FakeStdin

type FakeStdin struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FakeStdin implements io.Reader and returns predefined list of answers, suitable for mocking standard input.

func NewFakeStdin

func NewFakeStdin(answers ...string) *FakeStdin

NewFakeStdin creates new FakeStdin value with given answers.

func (*FakeStdin) Count

func (fs *FakeStdin) Count() int

Count returns how many answers have been read.

This counter overflows and never returns value bigger than the count of given answers.

func (*FakeStdin) Overflowed

func (fs *FakeStdin) Overflowed() bool

Overflowed reports whether more reads happened than expected.

func (*FakeStdin) Read

func (fs *FakeStdin) Read(p []byte) (int, error)

Read answers one by one and keep record whether the stdin has overflowed.

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