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const (
	KeyTypeOTP     = "otp"
	KeyTypeDynamic = "dynamic"
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const (
	// This is a constant representing a script to install and uninstall public
	// key in remote hosts.
	DefaultPublicKeyInstallScript = `` /* 2279-byte string literal not displayed */

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const SecretDynamicKeyType = "secret_dynamic_key_type"
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const SecretOTPType = "secret_otp_type"


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func Backend

func Backend(conf *logical.BackendConfig) (*framework.Backend, error)

func Factory

func Factory(conf *logical.BackendConfig) (logical.Backend, error)

func SSHCommNew

func SSHCommNew(address string, config *SSHCommConfig) (result *comm, err error)

Creates a new communicator implementation over SSH. This takes an already existing TCP connection and SSH configuration.


type SSHCommConfig

type SSHCommConfig struct {
	// The configuration of the Go SSH connection
	SSHConfig *ssh.ClientConfig

	// Connection returns a new connection. The current connection
	// in use will be closed as part of the Close method, or in the
	// case an error occurs.
	Connection func() (net.Conn, error)

	// Pty, if true, will request a pty from the remote end.
	Pty bool

	// DisableAgent, if true, will not forward the SSH agent.
	DisableAgent bool

SSHCommConfig is the structure used to configure the SSH communicator.

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