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func AsynchronousRemove

func AsynchronousRemove(config *SnapshotterConfig) error

AsynchronousRemove defers removal of filesystem content until the Cleanup method is called. Removals will make the snapshot referred to by the key unavailable and make the key immediately available for re-use.

func NewSnapshotter

func NewSnapshotter(root string, opts ...Opt) (snapshots.Snapshotter, error)

NewSnapshotter returns a Snapshotter which uses overlayfs. The overlayfs diffs are stored under the provided root. A metadata file is stored under the root.

func Supported

func Supported(root string) error

Supported returns nil when the overlayfs is functional on the system with the root directory. Supported is not called during plugin initialization, but exposed for downstream projects which uses this snapshotter as a library.


type Opt

type Opt func(config *SnapshotterConfig) error

Opt is an option to configure the overlay snapshotter

type SnapshotterConfig

type SnapshotterConfig struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SnapshotterConfig is used to configure the overlay snapshotter instance

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