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func CreateDebugInfoFile added in v1.1.1

func CreateDebugInfoFile(f *DefaultPortForwarder, portPair string) error

func GetDebugInfoFilePath added in v1.1.1

func GetDebugInfoFilePath(componentName, appName string, projectName string) string

GetDebugInfoFilePath gets the file path of the debug info file


type DefaultPortForwarder

type DefaultPortForwarder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DefaultPortForwarder implements the SPDY based port forwarder

func NewDefaultPortForwarder

func NewDefaultPortForwarder(componentName, appName string, projectName string, client *occlient.Client, kClient *kclient.Client, streams k8sgenclioptions.IOStreams) *DefaultPortForwarder

func (*DefaultPortForwarder) ForwardPorts

func (f *DefaultPortForwarder) ForwardPorts(portPair string, stopChan, readyChan chan struct{}, isExperimental bool) error

ForwardPorts forwards the port using the url for the remote pod. portPair is a pair of port in format "localPort:RemotePort" that is to be forwarded stop Chan is used to stop port forwarding ready Chan is used to signal failure to the channel receiver

type OdoDebugFile added in v1.1.1

type OdoDebugFile struct {
	metav1.ObjectMeta `json:"metadata"`
	Spec              OdoDebugFileSpec `json:"spec"`

func GetDebugInfo added in v1.1.1

func GetDebugInfo(f *DefaultPortForwarder) (OdoDebugFile, bool)

GetDebugInfo gathers the information with regards to debugging information

type OdoDebugFileSpec added in v1.2.1

type OdoDebugFileSpec struct {
	App            string `json:"app,omitempty"`
	DebugProcessID int    `json:"debugProcessID"`
	RemotePort     int    `json:"remotePort"`
	LocalPort      int    `json:"localPort"`

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