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func HandleCommand

func HandleCommand(handler PluginHandler, args []string) error

HandleCommand receives a PluginHandler and command-line arguments and attempts to find a plugin executable on the PATH that satisfies the given arguments.


type ExecHandler

type ExecHandler struct {
	Prefix string
	Exec   execFunc

ExecHandler implements PluginHandler using the "os/exec" package.

func NewExecHandler

func NewExecHandler(prefix string) *ExecHandler

NewExecHandler creates and returns a new ExecHandler configured with the prefix.

func (*ExecHandler) Execute

func (h *ExecHandler) Execute(filename string, args, env []string) error

Execute implements PluginHandler.Execute

func (*ExecHandler) Lookup

func (h *ExecHandler) Lookup(command string) string

Lookup implements PluginHandler, using to search for the command.

type PluginHandler

type PluginHandler interface {
	// Lookup should return the full path to an executable for the provided
	// command, or "" if no matching command can be found.
	Lookup(command string) string

	// Execute should execute the provided path, passing in the args and env.
	Execute(filename string, args, env []string) error

PluginHandler provides functionality for finding and executing external plugins.

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