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var CmdUsageTemplate = `` /* 963-byte string literal not displayed */

CmdUsageTemplate is the main template used for all command line usage


func CapitalizeFlagDescriptions added in v1.0.0

func CapitalizeFlagDescriptions(f *pflag.FlagSet) string

CapitalizeFlagDescriptions adds capitalizations

func CheckOutputFlag added in v0.0.19

func CheckOutputFlag(outputFlag string) error

CheckOutputFlag validates the -o flag

func GetFullName added in v0.0.18

func GetFullName(parentName, name string) string

GetFullName generates a command's full name based on its parent's full name and its own name

func LogErrorAndExit added in v0.0.18

func LogErrorAndExit(err error, context string, a ...interface{})

LogErrorAndExit prints the cause of the given error and exits the code with an exit code of 1. If the context is provided, then that is printed, if not, then the cause is detected using errors.Cause(err) *If* we are using the global json parameter, we instead output the json output

func ModifyAdditionalFlags added in v1.0.1

func ModifyAdditionalFlags(cmd *cobra.Command) string

ModifyAdditionalFlags modifies the flags and updates the descriptions as well as changes whether or not machine readable output has been passed in..

Return the flag usages for the help outout

func PrintComponentInfo added in v0.0.17

func PrintComponentInfo(client *occlient.Client, currentComponentName string, componentDesc component.Component, applicationName string, project string)

PrintComponentInfo prints Component Information like path, URL & storage

func ThrowContextError added in v1.0.0

func ThrowContextError() error

ThrowContextError prints a context error if application/project is not found

func VisitCommands added in v1.0.0

func VisitCommands(cmd *cobra.Command, f func(*cobra.Command))

VisitCommands visits each command within Cobra. Adapted from: https://github.com/cppforlife/knctl/blob/612840d3c9729b1c57b20ca0450acab0d6eceeeb/pkg/knctl/cobrautil/misc.go#L23


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