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func IntegerValidator

func IntegerValidator(ans interface{}) error

IntegerValidator validates that the provided object can be properly converted to an int value

func KeyEqValFormatValidator added in v0.0.20

func KeyEqValFormatValidator(portsStr interface{}) error

KeyEqValFormatValidator ensures that all the parts of the input follow the key=value format examples of valid input are: NAME=JANE PORT=8080,PATH=/health

func NameValidator

func NameValidator(name interface{}) error

NameValidator provides a Validator view of the ValidateName function.

func NilValidator

func NilValidator(interface{}) error

NilValidator always validates

func NonNegativeValidator added in v1.2.5

func NonNegativeValidator(arg interface{}) error

NonNegativeValidator validates whether the given value is not negative or not

func PathValidator added in v0.0.20

func PathValidator(path interface{}) error

PathValidator validates whether the given path exists on the file system

func PortsValidator added in v0.0.20

func PortsValidator(portsStr interface{}) error

PortsValidator validates whether all the parts of the input are valid port declarations examples of valid input are: 8080 8080, 9090/udp 8080/tcp, 9090/udp

func ValidateHost added in v1.2.4

func ValidateHost(host string) error

ValidateHost validates that the provided host is a valid subdomain according to DNS (RFC 1123) rules

func ValidateName

func ValidateName(name string) error

ValidateName will do validation of application & component names according to DNS (RFC 1123) rules Criteria for valid name in kubernetes:


type Validatable

type Validatable struct {
	// Required indicates whether this Validatable is a required value in the context it's supposed to be used
	Required bool `json:"required,omitempty"`
	// Type specifies the type of values this Validatable accepts so that some validation can be performed based on it
	Type string `json:"type"`
	// AdditionalValidators allows users to specify validators (in addition to default ones) to validate this Validatable's value
	AdditionalValidators []Validator `json:"-"`

Validatable represents a common ancestor for validatable parameters

func (Validatable) AsValidatable

func (v Validatable) AsValidatable() Validatable

AsValidatable allows avoiding type casts in client code

type Validator

type Validator func(interface{}) error

Validator is a function that validates that the provided interface conforms to expectations or return an error

func GetValidatorFor

func GetValidatorFor(prop Validatable) Validator

GetValidatorFor retrieves a validator for the specified validatable, first validating its required state, then its value based on type then any additional validators in the order specified by Validatable.AdditionalValidators

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