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func CleanupEnv added in v0.0.14

func CleanupEnv(confFiles []*os.File, t *testing.T)

CleanupEnv cleans up the mock config file and anything that SetupEnv generated Parameters:

configFile: the mock config file handler
t: testing pointer to log errors if any

func CreateFakeContainer added in v1.2.6

func CreateFakeContainer(containerName string) corev1.Container

CreateFakeContainer creates a container with the given containerName

func CreateFakeContainerWithVolumeMounts added in v1.2.6

func CreateFakeContainerWithVolumeMounts(containerName string, volumeMounts []corev1.VolumeMount) corev1.Container

CreateFakeContainerWithVolumeMounts creates a container with the given containerName and volumeMounts

func CreateFakeDeployment added in v1.1.2

func CreateFakeDeployment(podName string) *appsv1.Deployment

CreateFakeDeployment creates a fake deployment with the given pod name and labels

func CreateFakePod added in v1.2.6

func CreateFakePod(componentName, podName string) *corev1.Pod

CreateFakePod creates a fake pod with the given pod name and component name

func CreateFakePodWithContainers added in v1.2.6

func CreateFakePodWithContainers(componentName, podName string, containers []corev1.Container) *corev1.Pod

CreateFakePodWithContainers creates a fake pod with the given pod name, container name and containers

func FakeClusterServiceClass added in v0.0.18

func FakeClusterServiceClass(name string, tags ...string) v1beta1.ClusterServiceClass

FakeClusterServiceClass creates a fake service class with the specified name for testing purposes

func FakeClusterServicePlan added in v0.0.18

func FakeClusterServicePlan(name string, planNumber int) v1beta1.ClusterServicePlan

FakeClusterServicePlan creates a fake plan with the specified external name and using planNumber to customize description, metadata and parameter values

func FakeDeploymentConfigs added in v0.0.10

func FakeDeploymentConfigs() *v1.DeploymentConfigList

func FakeImageStreamTags added in v0.0.19

func FakeImageStreamTags(imageName string, namespace string, tags []string, hiddenTags []string) *imagev1.ImageStreamTagList

FakeImageStreamTags lists the imagestreams for the reactor

func FakeImageStreams

func FakeImageStreams(imageName string, namespace string, tags []string) *imagev1.ImageStreamList

FakeImageStreams lists the imagestreams for the reactor

func FakeKubeClientConfig added in v0.0.14

func FakeKubeClientConfig() string

FakeKubeClientConfig returns mock kube client config

func FakeNamespaceStatus added in v1.2.6

func FakeNamespaceStatus(status corev1.NamespacePhase, name string) *corev1.Namespace

FakeNamespaceStatus returns fake namespace status for use by mock watch on namespace

func FakeNamespaces added in v1.2.6

func FakeNamespaces() *corev1.NamespaceList

FakeNamespaces returns fake namespace list for use by API mock functions for Unit tests

func FakeOdoConfig added in v0.0.14

func FakeOdoConfig(confPath string, needNamePrefix bool, namePrefix string) preference.PreferenceInfo

FakeOdoConfig returns mock odo config It takes a confPath which is the path to the config

func FakeOnlyOneExistingNamespace added in v1.2.6

func FakeOnlyOneExistingNamespace() *corev1.NamespaceList

FakeOnlyOneExistingNamespace similar as FakeOnlyOneExistingProjects only with Namespace

func FakeOnlyOneExistingProjects added in v0.0.14

func FakeOnlyOneExistingProjects() *v1.ProjectList

FakeOnlyOneExistingProjects returns fake projectlist with single project for use by API mock functions for Unit tests testing delete of the only available project

func FakePVC added in v1.0.0

func FakePVC(pvcName, size string, labels map[string]string) *corev1.PersistentVolumeClaim

func FakePlanInstanceCreateParameterSchemasRaw added in v1.1.1

func FakePlanInstanceCreateParameterSchemasRaw() [][]byte

FakePlanInstanceCreateParameterSchemasRaw creates 2 create parameter schemas for testing purposes

func FakePortListener added in v1.1.1

func FakePortListener(startedChan chan<- bool, stopChan <-chan bool, localPort int) error

FakePortListener starts a fake test server and listens on the given localPort

func FakeProjectStatus added in v0.0.14

func FakeProjectStatus(prjStatus corev1.NamespacePhase, prjName string) *projectv1.Project

FakeProjectStatus returns fake project status for use by mock watch on project

func FakeProjects added in v0.0.11

func FakeProjects() *v1.ProjectList

FakeProjects returns fake projectlist for use by API mock functions for Unit tests

func FakeRemoveProject added in v0.0.14

func FakeRemoveProject(project string, projects *v1.ProjectList) *v1.ProjectList

FakeRemoveProject removes the delete requested project from the list of projects passed

func FakeServiceClassInstance added in v0.0.18

func FakeServiceClassInstance(serviceInstanceName string, serviceClassName string, planName string, status string) scv1beta1.ServiceInstance

FakeServiceClassInstance creates and returns a simple service class instance for testing purpose serviceInstanceName is the name of the service class instance serviceClassName is the name of the service class planName is the name of the plan status is the status of the service instance

func GetFakeContainerComponent added in v1.2.5

func GetFakeContainerComponent(name string) versionsCommon.DevfileComponent

GetFakeContainerComponent returns a fake container component for testing

func GetFakeEnv added in v1.2.5

func GetFakeEnv(name, value string) versionsCommon.Env

GetFakeExecRunCommands returns a fake env for testing

func GetFakeExecRunCommands added in v1.2.2

func GetFakeExecRunCommands() []versionsCommon.Exec

GetFakeExecRunCommands returns fake commands for testing

func GetFakeVolume added in v1.2.6

func GetFakeVolume(name, size string) versionsCommon.Volume

GetFakeVolume returns a fake volume for testing

func GetFakeVolumeComponent added in v1.2.5

func GetFakeVolumeComponent(name, size string) versionsCommon.DevfileComponent

GetFakeVolumeComponent returns a fake volume component for testing

func GetFakeVolumeMount added in v1.2.5

func GetFakeVolumeMount(name, path string) versionsCommon.VolumeMount

GetFakeVolumeMount returns a fake volume mount for testing

func GetRouteListWithMultiple added in v1.2.1

func GetRouteListWithMultiple(componentName, applicationName string) *routev1.RouteList

func GetSingleRoute added in v1.2.1

func GetSingleRoute(urlName string, port int, componentName, applicationName string) routev1.Route

func MkFileWithContent added in v1.1.1

func MkFileWithContent(path, content string, fs filesystem.Filesystem) (string, error)

func OneFakeDeploymentConfigWithMounts added in v1.0.0

func OneFakeDeploymentConfigWithMounts(componentName, componentType, applicationName string, mountedStorage map[string]*corev1.PersistentVolumeClaim) *v1.DeploymentConfig

mountedStorage is the map of the storage to be mounted key is the path for the mount, value is the pvc

func RunPromptTest added in v0.0.18

func RunPromptTest(t *testing.T, test PromptTest)

RunPromptTest runs the specified PromptTest in the given testing context

func RunTest added in v0.0.18

func RunTest(t *testing.T, procedure func(*expect.Console), test func(terminal.Stdio) error)

RunTest runs the given test using the specified procedure simulating the user interaction with the console

func SetUp added in v0.0.14

func SetUp(odoConfigDetails ConfigDetails, kubeConfigDetails ConfigDetails) (*os.File, *os.File, error)

SetUp sets up the odo and kube config files and returns respective conf file pointers and error

func SimulateFileModifications added in v0.0.15

func SimulateFileModifications(basePath string, fileModification FileProperties) (string, error)

SimulateFileModifications mock function to simulate requested file/folder operation Parameters:

basePath: The parent directory for file/folder involved in desired file operation
fileModification: Meta-data of file/folder


path to file/folder involved in the operation
error if any or nil

func SingleValuedRawExtension added in v0.0.18

func SingleValuedRawExtension(name, value string) *runtime.RawExtension

SingleValuedRawExtension creates a simple, single valued (name=value), raw extension

func Stdio added in v0.0.18

func Stdio(c *expect.Console) terminal.Stdio

Stdio converts an expect.Console into a survey terminal.Stdio

func TempMkFile added in v0.0.15

func TempMkFile(dir string, fileName string) (string, error)

TempMkFile creates a temporary file.

func TempMkdir added in v0.0.15

func TempMkdir(parentDir string, newDirPrefix string) (string, error)

TempMkdir creates a temporary directory


type ConfigDetails added in v0.0.14

type ConfigDetails struct {
	FileName      string
	Config        interface{}
	ConfigPathEnv string

ConfigDetails struct holds configuration details(odo and/or kube config)

type FileProperties added in v0.0.15

type FileProperties struct {
	FilePath         string
	FileParent       string
	FileType         FileType
	ModificationType ModificationType

FileProperties to contain meta-data of a file like, file/folder name, file/folder parent dir, file type and desired file modification type

type FileType added in v0.0.15

type FileType int

FileType custom type to indicate type of file

const (
	// RegularFile enum to represent regular file
	RegularFile FileType = 0
	// Directory enum to represent directory
	Directory FileType = 1

type M added in v0.0.18

type M map[string]interface{}

M is an alias for map[string]interface{}

type ModificationType added in v0.0.15

type ModificationType string

ModificationType custom type to indicate file modification type

const (
	// UPDATE enum representing update operation on a file
	UPDATE ModificationType = "update"
	// CREATE enum representing create operation for a file/folder
	CREATE ModificationType = "create"
	// DELETE enum representing delete operation for a file/folder
	DELETE ModificationType = "delete"
	// APPEND enum representing append operation on a file
	APPEND ModificationType = "append"

type PromptTest added in v0.0.18

type PromptTest struct {
	// Name of the test
	Name string
	// Prompt to test
	Prompt survey.Prompt
	// Procedure defines the list of interaction with the console simulating user actions
	Procedure func(*expect.Console)
	// Expected result
	Expected interface{}

PromptTest encapsulates a survey prompt test

type TestDevfileData added in v1.1.1

type TestDevfileData struct {
	Components        []versionsCommon.DevfileComponent
	ExecCommands      []versionsCommon.Exec
	CompositeCommands []versionsCommon.Composite
	Commands          map[string]versionsCommon.DevfileCommand
	Events            common.DevfileEvents

TestDevfileData is a convenience data type used to mock up a devfile configuration

func (*TestDevfileData) AddCommands added in v1.2.5

func (d *TestDevfileData) AddCommands(commands ...common.DevfileCommand) error

func (TestDevfileData) AddComponents added in v1.2.5

func (d TestDevfileData) AddComponents(components []common.DevfileComponent) error

func (TestDevfileData) AddEvents added in v1.2.5

func (d TestDevfileData) AddEvents(events common.DevfileEvents) error

func (TestDevfileData) AddProjects added in v1.2.5

func (d TestDevfileData) AddProjects(projects []common.DevfileProject) error

func (TestDevfileData) AddStarterProjects added in v1.2.6

func (d TestDevfileData) AddStarterProjects(projects []common.DevfileStarterProject) error

func (TestDevfileData) AddVolume added in v1.2.6

func (d TestDevfileData) AddVolume(volume common.Volume, path string) error

func (TestDevfileData) DeleteVolume added in v1.2.6

func (d TestDevfileData) DeleteVolume(name string) error

func (TestDevfileData) GetAliasedComponents added in v1.1.1

func (d TestDevfileData) GetAliasedComponents() []versionsCommon.DevfileComponent

GetAliasedComponents is a mock function to get the components that have an alias from a devfile

func (*TestDevfileData) GetCommands added in v1.1.2

func (d *TestDevfileData) GetCommands() map[string]versionsCommon.DevfileCommand

GetCommands is a mock function to get the commands from a devfile

func (TestDevfileData) GetComponents added in v1.1.1

func (d TestDevfileData) GetComponents() []versionsCommon.DevfileComponent

GetComponents is a mock function to get the components from a devfile

func (TestDevfileData) GetEvents added in v1.2.2

GetEvents is a mock function to get events from devfile

func (TestDevfileData) GetMetadata added in v1.2.2

GetMetadata is a mock function to get metadata from devfile

func (TestDevfileData) GetParent added in v1.2.2

GetParent is a mock function to get parent from devfile

func (TestDevfileData) GetProjects added in v1.1.2

func (d TestDevfileData) GetProjects() []versionsCommon.DevfileProject

GetProjects is a mock function to get the components that have an alias from a devfile

func (TestDevfileData) GetStarterProjects added in v1.2.6

func (d TestDevfileData) GetStarterProjects() []versionsCommon.DevfileStarterProject

GetStarterProjects returns the fake starter projects

func (TestDevfileData) GetVolumeMountPath added in v1.2.6

func (d TestDevfileData) GetVolumeMountPath(name string) (string, error)

func (TestDevfileData) SetEvents added in v1.2.5

func (d TestDevfileData) SetEvents(events common.DevfileEvents)

func (TestDevfileData) SetMetadata added in v1.2.5

func (d TestDevfileData) SetMetadata(name, version string)

SetMetadata sets metadata for devfile

func (TestDevfileData) SetParent added in v1.2.5

func (d TestDevfileData) SetParent(parent common.DevfileParent)

func (TestDevfileData) SetSchemaVersion added in v1.2.5

func (d TestDevfileData) SetSchemaVersion(version string)

SetSchemaVersion sets schema version for devfile

func (TestDevfileData) UpdateCommand added in v1.2.5

func (d TestDevfileData) UpdateCommand(command common.DevfileCommand)

func (TestDevfileData) UpdateComponent added in v1.2.5

func (d TestDevfileData) UpdateComponent(component common.DevfileComponent)

func (TestDevfileData) UpdateEvents added in v1.2.5

func (d TestDevfileData) UpdateEvents(postStart, postStop, preStart, preStop []string)

func (TestDevfileData) UpdateProject added in v1.2.5

func (d TestDevfileData) UpdateProject(project common.DevfileProject)

func (TestDevfileData) UpdateStarterProject added in v1.2.6

func (d TestDevfileData) UpdateStarterProject(project common.DevfileStarterProject)

func (TestDevfileData) Validate added in v1.1.1

func (d TestDevfileData) Validate() error

Validate is a mock validation that always validates without error


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