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type LedisCacher

type LedisCacher struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LedisCacher represents a ledis cache adapter implementation.

func (*LedisCacher) Decr

func (c *LedisCacher) Decr(key string) error

Decr decreases cached int-type value by given key as a counter.

func (*LedisCacher) Delete

func (c *LedisCacher) Delete(key string) (err error)

Delete deletes cached value by given key.

func (*LedisCacher) Flush

func (c *LedisCacher) Flush() error

Flush deletes all cached data.

func (*LedisCacher) Get

func (c *LedisCacher) Get(key string) interface{}

Get gets cached value by given key.

func (*LedisCacher) Incr

func (c *LedisCacher) Incr(key string) error

Incr increases cached int-type value by given key as a counter.

func (*LedisCacher) IsExist

func (c *LedisCacher) IsExist(key string) bool

IsExist returns true if cached value exists.

func (*LedisCacher) Put

func (c *LedisCacher) Put(key string, val interface{}, expire int64) (err error)

Put puts value into cache with key and expire time. If expired is 0, it lives forever.

func (*LedisCacher) StartAndGC

func (c *LedisCacher) StartAndGC(opts cache.Options) error

StartAndGC starts GC routine based on config string settings. AdapterConfig: data_dir=./app.db,db=0

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