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type FakeOrganizationRepository

type FakeOrganizationRepository struct {
	ListOrgsStub func() (orgs []models.Organization, apiErr error)

	FindByNameStub func(name string) (org models.Organization, apiErr error)

	CreateStub func(org models.Organization) (apiErr error)

	RenameStub func(orgGuid string, name string) (apiErr error)

	DeleteStub func(orgGuid string) (apiErr error)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) Create

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) Create(org models.Organization) (apiErr error)

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) CreateArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) CreateArgsForCall(i int) models.Organization

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) CreateCallCount

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) CreateCallCount() int

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) CreateReturns

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) CreateReturns(result1 error)

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) Delete

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) Delete(orgGuid string) (apiErr error)

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) DeleteArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) DeleteArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) DeleteCallCount

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) DeleteCallCount() int

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) DeleteReturns

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) DeleteReturns(result1 error)

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) FindByName

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) FindByName(name string) (org models.Organization, apiErr error)

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) FindByNameArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) FindByNameArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) FindByNameCallCount

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) FindByNameCallCount() int

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) FindByNameReturns

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) FindByNameReturns(result1 models.Organization, result2 error)

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) ListOrgs

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) ListOrgs() (orgs []models.Organization, apiErr error)

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) ListOrgsCallCount

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) ListOrgsCallCount() int

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) ListOrgsReturns

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) ListOrgsReturns(result1 []models.Organization, result2 error)

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) Rename

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) Rename(orgGuid string, name string) (apiErr error)

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) RenameArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) RenameArgsForCall(i int) (string, string)

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) RenameCallCount

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) RenameCallCount() int

func (*FakeOrganizationRepository) RenameReturns

func (fake *FakeOrganizationRepository) RenameReturns(result1 error)

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