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type Template

type Template interface {
	Execute(wr io.Writer, data interface{}) error
	Name() string

Template is the common interface between text/template and html/template.

type TemplateAdapter added in v0.20.1

type TemplateAdapter struct {
	Metrics metrics.Provider

TemplateAdapter implements the TemplateExecutor interface.

func (*TemplateAdapter) Execute added in v0.27.1

func (t *TemplateAdapter) Execute(w io.Writer, data interface{}) error

Execute executes the current template. The actual execution is performed by the embedded text or html template, but we add an implementation here so we can add a timer for some metrics.

func (*TemplateAdapter) ExecuteToString added in v0.20.1

func (t *TemplateAdapter) ExecuteToString(data interface{}) (string, error)

ExecuteToString executes the current template and returns the result as a string.

func (*TemplateAdapter) Tree added in v0.20.1

func (t *TemplateAdapter) Tree() string

Tree returns the template Parse tree as a string. Note: this isn't safe for parallel execution on the same template vs Lookup and Execute.

type TemplateDebugger added in v0.22.1

type TemplateDebugger interface {

TemplateDebugger prints some debug info to stdoud.

type TemplateExecutor added in v0.20.1

type TemplateExecutor interface {
	ExecuteToString(data interface{}) (string, error)
	Tree() string

TemplateExecutor adds some extras to Template.

type TemplateFinder added in v0.20.1

type TemplateFinder interface {
	Lookup(name string) (Template, bool)

TemplateFinder finds templates.

type TemplateFuncsGetter added in v0.22.1

type TemplateFuncsGetter interface {
	GetFuncs() map[string]interface{}

TemplateFuncsGetter allows to get a map of functions.

type TemplateHandler added in v0.20.1

type TemplateHandler interface {
	AddTemplate(name, tpl string) error
	AddLateTemplate(name, tpl string) error
	LoadTemplates(prefix string)

	NewTextTemplate() TemplateParseFinder


TemplateHandler manages the collection of templates.

type TemplateParseFinder added in v0.45.1

type TemplateParseFinder interface {

TemplateParseFinder provides both parsing and finding.

type TemplateParser added in v0.45.1

type TemplateParser interface {
	Parse(name, tpl string) (Template, error)

TemplateParser is used to parse ad-hoc templates, e.g. in the Resource chain.

type TemplateTestMocker added in v0.20.1

type TemplateTestMocker interface {
	SetFuncs(funcMap map[string]interface{})

TemplateTestMocker adds a way to override some template funcs during tests. The interface is named so it's not used in regular application code.

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Package embedded defines the internal templates that Hugo provides.
Package embedded defines the internal templates that Hugo provides.

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