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Manages reading the conf file into the global var as described in the `conf` package.



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func Read

func Read()

Read assigns a configuration to the global conf.Vals struct instance. This function exists as backwards compatibility only. Do not use it in new code, instead use ReadLocal.

func ReadConfFile

func ReadConfFile(conf_file string) (*conf.AWS_Conf, error)

ReadConfFile will attempt to read in the conf file path passed as a parameter and convert it into a conf.AWS_Conf struct pointer. You can use this to read in a conf for a file of your own choosing.

func ReadDefaultConfs

func ReadDefaultConfs() (*conf.AWS_Conf, error)

ReadDefaultConfs will check the preset standard locations for conf files and attempt to create a conf.AWS_Conf struct pointer with the first one found. The order of precedence is: 1. file in $GODYNAMO_CONF_FILE if you wish to set it. 2. $HOME/.aws-config.json 3. /etc/aws-config.json (note lack of prefix '.') This function can be useful when moving back and forth between environments where you wish to have a conf file in $HOME that precludes one in /etc.

func ReadGlobal

func ReadGlobal()

ReadGlobal will take a configuration and assign it to the global conf.Vals struct instance.


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