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func IsValidURL

func IsValidURL(urlStr string) bool

IsValidURL checks if string is valid URL

func SplitHeader

func SplitHeader(header string) (int, []string)

SplitHeader splits string on colon and return a slice


type Cassowary

type Cassowary struct {
	FileMode              bool
	IsTLS                 bool
	BaseURL               string
	ConcurrencyLevel      int
	Requests              int
	Duration              int
	ExportMetrics         bool
	ExportMetricsFile     string
	PromExport            bool
	Cloudwatch            bool
	Histogram             bool
	Boxplot               bool
	TLSConfig             *tls.Config
	PromURL               string
	RequestHeader         []string
	URLPaths              []string
	DisableTerminalOutput bool
	DisableKeepAlive      bool
	Client                *http.Client
	Bar                   *progressbar.ProgressBar
	Timeout               int
	HTTPMethod            string
	Data                  []byte

Cassowary is the main struct with bootstraps the load test

func (*Cassowary) Coordinate

func (c *Cassowary) Coordinate() (ResultMetrics, error)

Coordinate bootstraps the load test based on values in Cassowary struct

func (*Cassowary) PlotBoxplot added in v0.14.0

func (c *Cassowary) PlotBoxplot(durations []float64) error

PlotBoxplot outputs a boxplot png

func (*Cassowary) PlotHistogram added in v0.13.0

func (c *Cassowary) PlotHistogram(durations []float64) error

PlotHistogram outputs a histogram png

func (*Cassowary) PushPrometheusMetrics

func (c *Cassowary) PushPrometheusMetrics(metrics ResultMetrics) error

PushPrometheusMetrics exports metrics to a PushGateway

func (*Cassowary) PutCloudwatchMetrics added in v0.9.0

func (c *Cassowary) PutCloudwatchMetrics(svc cloudwatchiface.CloudWatchAPI, metrics ResultMetrics) (*cloudwatch.PutMetricDataOutput, error)

PutCloudwatchMetrics exports metrics to AWS Cloudwatch

type ResultMetrics

type ResultMetrics struct {
	BaseURL           string                `json:"base_url"`
	TotalRequests     int                   `json:"total_requests"`
	FailedRequests    int                   `json:"failed_requests"`
	RequestsPerSecond float64               `json:"requests_per_second"`
	DNSMedian         float64               `json:"dns_median"`
	TCPStats          tcpStats              `json:"tcp_connect"`
	ProcessingStats   serverProcessingStats `json:"server_processing"`
	ContentStats      contentTransfer       `json:"content_transfer"`

ResultMetrics are the aggregated metrics after the load test

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