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func TypeByExtension

func TypeByExtension(path string) string

TypeByExtension returns the type of a file according to its extension. A complete path can be provided, or just the extension with or without dot.


type FileEntry

type FileEntry struct {
	Name        string
	Size        int64
	Content     []byte
	Template    *ogdl.Graph
	Data        *ogdl.Graph
	Info        *ogdl.Graph
	Type        string
	IsDirectory bool // This is for the original path, not the index.*
	Mime        string
	Time        time.Time
	Param       map[string]string
	Mode        os.FileMode
	Dir         []os.FileInfo
	Doc         *document.Document

FileEntry type TODO: interface extension of os.FileInfo?

type FileInfo interface {
    Name() string       // base name of the file
    Size() int64        // length in bytes for regular files; system-dependent for others
    Mode() FileMode     // file mode bits
    ModTime() time.Time // modification time
    IsDir() bool        // abbreviation for Mode().IsDir()
    Sys() interface{}   // underlying data source (can return nil)

func (*FileEntry) IsDir

func (f *FileEntry) IsDir() bool

TODO use mode bit

func (*FileEntry) Prepare

func (f *FileEntry) Prepare()

Prepare preprocesses some types of files: markdown, templates.

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