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func ApacheModStatus

func ApacheModStatus(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, report *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

ApacheModStatus extracts any information related to exposed mod_status endpoints. FIXME: We can make this much smarted than it currently is.

func CheckExif

func CheckExif(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, anonreport *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

CheckExif extracts all EXIF metadata out of any images processed during the current crawl.

func CheckExposedDirectories

func CheckExposedDirectories(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, report *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

CheckExposedDirectories makes note of any directories which display a directory listing instead of an expected 403 or equivalent error.

func CommonCorrelations

func CommonCorrelations(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, anonreport *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

CommonCorrelations extracts relationships from other non-web protocols FIXME: At somepoint we probably want to separate these out into their own files as non-http functionality becomes better.

func EmailScan

func EmailScan(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, anonreport *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

EmailScan extracts anything which resembles an email address from the current crawl.

func ExtractBitcoinAddress

func ExtractBitcoinAddress(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, anonreport *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

ExtractBitcoinAddress extracts any information related to bitcoin addresses from the current crawl.

func ExtractGoogleAnalyticsID

func ExtractGoogleAnalyticsID(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, anonreport *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

ExtractGoogleAnalyticsID extracts any Google analytics IDs e.g. UA-32423-7564

func ExtractGooglePublisherID

func ExtractGooglePublisherID(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, anonreport *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

ExtractGooglePublisherID extract Google publisher ids, used for adsense marketing e.g. pub-230210202

func GetOnionLinks(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, anonreport *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

GetOnionLinks extracts links and urls from the current crawl

func GetUserDefinedRelationships

func GetUserDefinedRelationships(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, anonreport *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

GetUserDefinedRelationships extracts any user configured relationships from the current crawl

func MailtoScan

func MailtoScan(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, anonreport *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

MailtoScan Extracts any email addresses linked via mailto targets.

func PGPContentScan

func PGPContentScan(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, anonreport *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

PGPContentScan extracts any PGP public key blobs that may exist in the current scan.

func PrivateKey

func PrivateKey(osreport *report.OnionScanReport, report *report.AnonymityReport, osc *config.OnionScanConfig)

PrivateKey extracts an exposed private key if it exists in the current crawl

func ValidA58

func ValidA58(a58 []byte) (ok bool)

ValidA58 validates a base58 encoded bitcoin address. An address is valid if it can be decoded into a 25 byte address, the version number is 0 (P2PKH) or 5 (P2SH), and the checksum validates. Return value ok will be true for valid addresses. If ok is false, the address is invalid and the error value may indicate why.


type A25

type A25 [25]byte

A25 is a type for a 25 byte (not base58 encoded) bitcoin address.

func (*A25) ComputeChecksum

func (a *A25) ComputeChecksum() (c [4]byte)

ComputeChecksum returns a four byte checksum computed from the first 21 bytes of the address. The embedded checksum is not updated.

func (*A25) EmbeddedChecksum

func (a *A25) EmbeddedChecksum() (c [4]byte)

EmbeddedChecksum returns the checksum of a bitcoin address

func (*A25) Set58

func (a *A25) Set58(s []byte) error

Set58 takes a base58 encoded address and decodes it into the receiver. Errors are returned if the argument is not valid base58 or if the decoded value does not fit in the 25 byte address. The address is not otherwise checked for validity.

func (*A25) Version

func (a *A25) Version() byte

Version extracts the version byte from a bitcoin address

type ExifWalker

type ExifWalker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ExifWalker captures functionality to process all exif data obtained from an image.

func (*ExifWalker) Walk

func (w *ExifWalker) Walk(name exif.FieldName, val *tiff.Tag) error

Walk takes the given exif information and stores it the the anonymity report.

type ExtractIdentifierStep

type ExtractIdentifierStep struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ExtractIdentifierStep is a pipeline step which extracts as many relationships out of the giveb crawl as possible.

func (*ExtractIdentifierStep) Do

Do process all of the ExtractIdentifierStep steps.

func (*ExtractIdentifierStep) Init

Init sets up the ExtractIdentifierStep step.

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