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Published: Oct 15, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func Admin

func Admin(c echo.Context) error

Admin shows admin

func Confirm

func Confirm(c echo.Context) error

Confirm confirms a user account.

func IsAdmin

func IsAdmin(next echo.HandlerFunc) echo.HandlerFunc

IsAdmin returns true if user is admin

func Login

func Login(c echo.Context) error

Login handle user authentication

func NewPassword

func NewPassword(c echo.Context) error

NewPassword handle password reset.

func ReconfirmAccount

func ReconfirmAccount(c echo.Context) error

ReconfirmAccount resend email confirmation.

func ResetPassword

func ResetPassword(c echo.Context) error

ResetPassword handle password reset.

func UpdateEmail

func UpdateEmail(c echo.Context) error

UpdateEmail handle email update.

func UpdatePassword

func UpdatePassword(c echo.Context) error

UpdatePassword handle password reset.

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