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func PrimitiveNetworkProximity

func PrimitiveNetworkProximity(from net.IP, to net.IP, ipVersion uint8) int

    PrimitiveNetworkProximity calculates the numerical distance between two IP addresses. Returns a proximity value between 0 (far away) and 100 (nearby).

    func ReloadDatabases

    func ReloadDatabases() error

      ReloadDatabases reloads the geoip database, if they are in use.


      type Location

      type Location struct {
      	Continent struct {
      		Code string `maxminddb:"code"`
      	} `maxminddb:"continent"`
      	Country struct {
      		ISOCode string `maxminddb:"iso_code"`
      	} `maxminddb:"country"`
      	Coordinates struct {
      		AccuracyRadius uint16  `maxminddb:"accuracy_radius"`
      		Latitude       float64 `maxminddb:"latitude"`
      		Longitude      float64 `maxminddb:"longitude"`
      	} `maxminddb:"location"`
      	AutonomousSystemNumber       uint   `maxminddb:"autonomous_system_number"`
      	AutonomousSystemOrganization string `maxminddb:"autonomous_system_organization"`

        Location holds information regarding the geographical and network location of an IP address

        func GetLocation

        func GetLocation(ip net.IP) (record *Location, err error)

          GetLocation returns Location data of an IP address

          func (*Location) EstimateNetworkProximity

          func (l *Location) EstimateNetworkProximity(to *Location) (proximity int)

            EstimateNetworkProximity aims to calculate the distance between two network locations. Returns a proximity value between 0 (far away) and 100 (nearby).