Package process fetches process and socket information from the operating system. It can find the process owning a network connection.



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    const (
    	// UnidentifiedProcessID is the PID used for anything that could not be
    	// attributed to a PID for any reason.
    	UnidentifiedProcessID = -1
    	// NetworkHostProcessID is the PID used for requests served to the network.
    	NetworkHostProcessID = -255
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    const SystemProcessID = 0

      SystemProcessID is the PID of the System/Kernel itself.


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      var (
      	CfgOptionEnableProcessDetectionKey = "core/enableProcessDetection"

        Configuration Keys.


        func All

        func All() map[int]*Process

          All returns a copy of all process objects.

          func CleanProcessStorage

          func CleanProcessStorage(activePIDs map[int]struct{})

            CleanProcessStorage cleans the storage from old processes.

            func SetDBController

            func SetDBController(controller *database.Controller)

              SetDBController sets the database controller and allows the package to push database updates on a save. It must be set by the package that registers the "network" database.


              type Process

              type Process struct {
              	Name      string
              	UserID    int
              	UserName  string
              	UserHome  string
              	Pid       int
              	ParentPid int
              	Path      string
              	ExecName  string
              	Cwd       string
              	CmdLine   string
              	FirstArg  string
              	LocalProfileKey string
              	FirstSeen int64
              	LastSeen  int64
              	Error     string // Cache errors
              	ExecHashes map[string]string
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                A Process represents a process running on the operating system.

                func GetNetworkHost

                func GetNetworkHost(ctx context.Context, remoteIP net.IP) (process *Process, err error)

                func GetOrFindProcess

                func GetOrFindProcess(ctx context.Context, pid int) (*Process, error)

                  GetOrFindProcess returns the process for the given PID.

                  func GetProcessByConnection

                  func GetProcessByConnection(ctx context.Context, pktInfo *packet.Info) (process *Process, connInbound bool, err error)

                    GetProcessByConnection returns the process that owns the described connection.

                    func GetProcessFromStorage

                    func GetProcessFromStorage(pid int) (*Process, bool)

                      GetProcessFromStorage returns a process from the internal storage.

                      func GetSystemProcess

                      func GetSystemProcess(ctx context.Context) *Process

                        GetSystemProcess returns the special process used for the Kernel.

                        func GetUnidentifiedProcess

                        func GetUnidentifiedProcess(ctx context.Context) *Process

                          GetUnidentifiedProcess returns the special process assigned to unidentified processes.

                          func (*Process) Delete

                          func (p *Process) Delete()

                            Delete deletes a process from the storage and propagates the change.

                            func (*Process) GetExecHash

                            func (p *Process) GetExecHash(algorithm string) (string, error)

                              GetExecHash returns the hash of the executable with the given algorithm.

                              func (*Process) GetLastSeen

                              func (p *Process) GetLastSeen() int64

                                GetLastSeen returns the unix timestamp when the process was last seen.

                                func (*Process) GetProfile

                                func (p *Process) GetProfile(ctx context.Context) (changed bool, err error)

                                  GetProfile finds and assigns a profile set to the process.

                                  func (*Process) Profile

                                  func (p *Process) Profile() *profile.LayeredProfile

                                    Profile returns the assigned layered profile.

                                    func (*Process) Save

                                    func (p *Process) Save()

                                      Save saves the process to the internal state and pushes an update.

                                      func (*Process) SetLastSeen

                                      func (p *Process) SetLastSeen(lastSeen int64)

                                        SetLastSeen sets the unix timestamp when the process was last seen.

                                        func (*Process) String

                                        func (p *Process) String() string

                                          Strings returns a string representation of process.

                                          func (*Process) UpdateProfileMetadata

                                          func (p *Process) UpdateProfileMetadata()

                                            UpdateProfileMetadata updates the metadata of the local profile as required.

                                            GOOS=linux, GOARCH=amd64