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type ExporterConfig

type ExporterConfig struct {
	Address         string
	Insecure        bool
	ReconnectPeriod time.Duration

ExporterConfig configures an OpenCensus exporter.

func (ExporterConfig) Options

func (c ExporterConfig) Options() []ocagent.ExporterOption

Options returns a set of OpenCensus exporter options used for configuring the exporter.

type SamplingTraceConfig

type SamplingTraceConfig struct {
	Sampler  string
	Fraction float64

SamplingTraceConfig configures OpenCensus trace sampling.

type TraceConfig

type TraceConfig struct {
	// Sampling describes the default sampler used when creating new spans.
	Sampling SamplingTraceConfig

	// MaxAnnotationEventsPerSpan is max number of annotation events per span.
	MaxAnnotationEventsPerSpan int

	// MaxMessageEventsPerSpan is max number of message events per span.
	MaxMessageEventsPerSpan int

	// MaxAnnotationEventsPerSpan is max number of attributes per span.
	MaxAttributesPerSpan int

	// MaxLinksPerSpan is max number of links per span.
	MaxLinksPerSpan int

TraceConfig configures OpenCensus tracing.

func (TraceConfig) Config

func (t TraceConfig) Config() trace.Config

Config returns an OpenCensus trace configuration.

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