Package source provides core features for use by Go editors and tools.



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    func CallExpr

    func CallExpr(fset *token.FileSet, nodes []ast.Node) *ast.CallExpr

      CallExpr climbs AST tree up until call expression

      func Deref

      func Deref(typ types.Type) types.Type

        Deref returns a pointer's element type; otherwise it returns typ.

        func Diagnostics

        func Diagnostics(ctx context.Context, v View, uri span.URI) (map[span.URI][]Diagnostic, error)

        func FetchIdentFromPathNodes

        func FetchIdentFromPathNodes(fset *token.FileSet, nodes []ast.Node) (*ast.Ident, error)

        func FindComments

        func FindComments(pkg Package, fset *token.FileSet, o types.Object, name string) (string, error)

        func FindIdentObject

        func FindIdentObject(pkg Package, ident *ast.Ident) types.Object

        func FindIdentType

        func FindIdentType(pkg Package, ident *ast.Ident) types.Type

        func FindObject

        func FindObject(pkg Package, o types.Object) types.Object

          FindObject find object

          func GetObjectPathNode

          func GetObjectPathNode(pkg Package, fset *token.FileSet, o types.Object) (nodes []ast.Node, ident *ast.Ident, err error)

          func GetPathNodes

          func GetPathNodes(pkg Package, fset *token.FileSet, start, end token.Pos) ([]ast.Node, error)

          func GetSyntaxFile

          func GetSyntaxFile(pkg Package, filename string) *ast.File

          func JoinCommentGroups

          func JoinCommentGroups(a, b *ast.CommentGroup) string

            JoinCommentGroups joins the resultant non-empty comment text from two CommentGroups with a newline.

            func PackageDoc

            func PackageDoc(files []*ast.File, pkgName string) string

              PackageDoc finds the documentation for the named package from its files or additional files.

              func PathEnclosingInterval

              func PathEnclosingInterval(pkg Package, fset *token.FileSet, start, end token.Pos) (path []ast.Node, exact bool)

                PathEnclosingInterval returns the PackageInfo and ast.Node that contain source interval [start, end), and all the node's ancestors up to the AST root. It searches all ast.Files of all packages in prog. exact is defined as for astutil.PathEnclosingInterval.

                The zero value is returned if not found.

                func PullComments

                func PullComments(pathNodes []ast.Node) string

                func TypeLookup

                func TypeLookup(typ types.Type) *types.TypeName

                  TypeLookup looks for a named type, but will search through any number of type qualifiers (chan/array/slice/pointer) which have an unambiguous base type. If no named type is found, we are not interested, because this is only used for finding a type's definition.


                  type Action

                  type Action struct {
                  	Analyzer *analysis.Analyzer
                  	Pkg      Package
                  	Deps     []*Action
                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                    An action represents one unit of analysis work: the application of one analysis to one package. Actions form a DAG, both within a package (as different analyzers are applied, either in sequence or parallel), and across packages (as dependencies are analyzed).

                    func (*Action) String

                    func (act *Action) String() string

                    type Cache

                    type Cache interface {
                    	Walk(walkFunc WalkFunc, ranks []string) error

                    type CompletionItem

                    type CompletionItem struct {
                    	Label, Detail string
                    	Kind          CompletionItemKind
                    	Score         float64
                    	Documentation string

                    func Completion

                    func Completion(ctx context.Context, f File, pos token.Pos, cache Cache) (items []CompletionItem, prefix string, err error)

                      Completion returns a list of possible candidates for completion, given a a file and a position. The prefix is computed based on the preceding identifier and can be used by the client to score the quality of the completion. For instance, some clients may tolerate imperfect matches as valid completion results, since users may make typos.

                      type CompletionItemKind

                      type CompletionItemKind int
                      const (
                      	Unknown CompletionItemKind = iota

                      type Diagnostic

                      type Diagnostic struct {
                      	Message  string
                      	Source   string
                      	Severity DiagnosticSeverity

                      type DiagnosticSeverity

                      type DiagnosticSeverity int
                      const (
                      	SeverityWarning DiagnosticSeverity = iota

                      type File

                      type File interface {
                      	URI() span.URI
                      	GetAST(ctx context.Context) *ast.File
                      	GetFileSet(ctx context.Context) *token.FileSet
                      	GetPackage(ctx context.Context) Package
                      	GetToken(ctx context.Context) *token.File
                      	GetContent(ctx context.Context) []byte

                        File represents a Go source file that has been type-checked. It is the input to most of the exported functions in this package, as it wraps up the building blocks for most queries. Users of the source package can abstract the loading of packages into their own caching systems.

                        type InvalidNodeError

                        type InvalidNodeError struct {
                        	Node ast.Node
                        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                        func NewInvalidNodeError

                        func NewInvalidNodeError(fset *token.FileSet, node ast.Node) *InvalidNodeError

                        func (*InvalidNodeError) Error

                        func (e *InvalidNodeError) Error() string

                        type Package

                        type Package interface {
                        	GetFilenames() []string
                        	GetSyntax() []*ast.File
                        	GetErrors() []packages.Error
                        	GetTypes() *types.Package
                        	GetTypesInfo() *types.Info
                        	IsIllTyped() bool
                        	GetActionGraph(ctx context.Context, a *analysis.Analyzer) (*Action, error)
                        	GetPkgPath() string
                        	GetName() string
                        	GetImport(pkgPath string) Package
                        	GetFileSet() *token.FileSet

                          Package represents a Go package that has been type-checked. It maintains only the relevant fields of a *go/packages.Package.

                          type ParameterInformation

                          type ParameterInformation struct {
                          	Label string

                          type SignatureInformation

                          type SignatureInformation struct {
                          	Label           string
                          	Parameters      []ParameterInformation
                          	ActiveParameter int

                          func SignatureHelp

                          func SignatureHelp(ctx context.Context, f File, pos token.Pos, builtinPkg Package, enhance bool) (*SignatureInformation, error)

                          type TextEdit

                          type TextEdit struct {
                          	Span    span.Span
                          	NewText string

                            TextEdit represents a change to a section of a document. The text within the specified span should be replaced by the supplied new text.

                            func Format

                            func Format(ctx context.Context, f File, rng span.Range) ([]TextEdit, error)

                              Format formats a file with a given range.

                              func Imports

                              func Imports(ctx context.Context, f File, rng span.Range) ([]TextEdit, error)

                                Imports formats a file using the goimports tool.

                                type URI

                                type URI string

                                  URI represents the full uri for a file.

                                  func FromDocumentURI

                                  func FromDocumentURI(uri lsp.DocumentURI) URI

                                    FromDocumentURI create a URI from lsp.DocumentURI

                                    func ToURI

                                    func ToURI(path string) URI

                                      ToURI returns a protocol URI for the supplied path. It will always have the file scheme.

                                      func (URI) Filename

                                      func (uri URI) Filename() (string, error)

                                        Filename gets the file path for the URI. It will return an error if the uri is not valid, or if the URI was not a file URI

                                        type View

                                        type View interface {
                                        	GetFile(ctx context.Context, uri span.URI) (File, error)
                                        	SetContent(ctx context.Context, uri span.URI, content []byte) error
                                        	FileSet() *token.FileSet

                                          View abstracts the underlying architecture of the package using the source package. The view provides access to files and their contents, so the source package does not directly access the file system.

                                          type WalkFunc

                                          type WalkFunc func(p Package) error

                                            WalkFunc walk function