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const (
	// Domain used by samples for hosting workflows
	Domain = "samples"
	// WorkflowTaskList is the queue used by worker to pull workflow tasks
	WorkflowTaskList = "samples_workflow_tl"
	// ActivityTaskList is the queue used by worker to pull activity tasks
	ActivityTaskList = "samples_activity_tl"
	// Service is the service name used by cadence server to host handlers
	Service = "cadence-frontend"
	// Host is the host/port used by client to connect to cadence server
	Host = ""

type WorkflowClientBuilder

type WorkflowClientBuilder struct {
	Logger *zap.Logger
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

WorkflowClientBuilder build client to cadence service

func NewBuilder

func NewBuilder(logger *zap.Logger) *WorkflowClientBuilder

NewBuilder creates a new WorkflowClientBuilder

func (*WorkflowClientBuilder) BuildCadenceClient

func (b *WorkflowClientBuilder) BuildCadenceClient() (client.Client, error)

BuildCadenceClient builds a client to cadence service

func (*WorkflowClientBuilder) BuildCadenceDomainClient

func (b *WorkflowClientBuilder) BuildCadenceDomainClient() (client.DomainClient, error)

BuildCadenceDomainClient builds a domain client to cadence service

func (*WorkflowClientBuilder) BuildServiceClient

func (b *WorkflowClientBuilder) BuildServiceClient() (workflowserviceclient.Interface, error)

BuildServiceClient builds a rpc service client to cadence service

func (*WorkflowClientBuilder) SetClientIdentity

func (b *WorkflowClientBuilder) SetClientIdentity(identity string) *WorkflowClientBuilder

SetClientIdentity sets the identity for the builder

func (*WorkflowClientBuilder) SetDomain

func (b *WorkflowClientBuilder) SetDomain(domain string) *WorkflowClientBuilder

SetDomain sets the domain for the builder

func (*WorkflowClientBuilder) SetHostPort

func (b *WorkflowClientBuilder) SetHostPort(hostport string) *WorkflowClientBuilder

SetHostPort sets the hostport for the builder

func (*WorkflowClientBuilder) SetMetricsScope

func (b *WorkflowClientBuilder) SetMetricsScope(metricsScope tally.Scope) *WorkflowClientBuilder

SetMetricsScope sets the metrics scope for the builder

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