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Published: Aug 2, 2019 | License: MIT | Module:




type Farm struct {
	Name     string    `hcl:"name"`
	Owned    bool      `hcl:"owned"`
	Location []float64 `hcl:"location"`

type Farmer struct {
	Name                 string `hcl:"name"`
	Age                  int    `hcl:"age"`
	SocialSecurityNumber string `hcle:"omit"`

type Animal struct {
	Name  string `hcl:",key"`
	Sound string `hcl:"says" hcle:"omitempty"`

type Config struct {
	Farm      `hcl:",squash"`
	Farmer    Farmer            `hcl:"farmer"`
	Animals   []Animal          `hcl:"animal"`
	Buildings map[string]string `hcl:"buildings"`

input := Config{
	Farm: Farm{
		Name:     "Ol' McDonald's Farm",
		Owned:    true,
		Location: []float64{12.34, -5.67},
	Farmer: Farmer{
		Name:                 "Robert Beauregard-Michele McDonald, III",
		Age:                  65,
		SocialSecurityNumber: "please-dont-share-me",
	Animals: []Animal{
			Name:  "cow",
			Sound: "moo",
			Name:  "pig",
			Sound: "oink",
			Name: "rock",
	Buildings: map[string]string{
		"House": "123 Numbers Lane",
		"Barn":  "456 Digits Drive",

hcl, err := Encode(input)
if err != nil {
	log.Fatal("unable to encode: ", err)

name = "Ol' McDonald's Farm"

owned = true

location = [

farmer {
  name = "Robert Beauregard-Michele McDonald, III"
  age  = 65

animal "cow" {
  says = "moo"

animal "pig" {
  says = "oink"

animal "rock" {}

buildings {
  Barn  = "456 Digits Drive"
  House = "123 Numbers Lane"




const (
	// HCLTagName is the struct field tag used by the HCL decoder. The
	// values from this tag are used in the same way as the decoder.
	HCLTagName = "hcl"

	// KeyTag indicates that the value of the field should be part of
	// the parent object block's key, not a property of that block
	KeyTag string = "key"

	// SquashTag is attached to anonymous fields of a struct and indicates
	// to the encoder to lift the fields of that value into the parent
	// block's scope transparently. Otherwise, the field's type is used as
	// the key for the value.
	SquashTag string = "squash"

	// UnusedKeysTag is a flag that indicates any unused keys found by the
	// decoder are stored in this field of type []string. This has the same
	// behavior as the OmitTag and is not encoded.
	UnusedKeysTag string = "unusedKeys"

	// DecodedFieldsTag is a flag that indicates all fields decoded are
	// stored in this field of type []string. This has the same behavior as
	// the OmitTag and is not encoded.
	DecodedFieldsTag string = "decodedFields"

	// HCLETagName is the struct field tag used by this package. The
	// values from this tag are used in conjunction with HCLTag values.
	HCLETagName = "hcle"

	// OmitTag will omit this field from encoding. This is the similar
	// behavior to `json:"-"`.
	OmitTag string = "omit"

	// OmitEmptyTag will omit this field if it is a zero value. This
	// is similar behavior to `json:",omitempty"`
	OmitEmptyTag string = "omitempty"

func Encode

func Encode(in interface{}) ([]byte, error)

Encode converts any supported type into the corresponding HCL format

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