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type FirebaseClientExtension

type FirebaseClientExtension struct {
	GetUserByPhoneNumberFn func(ctx context.Context, phone string) (*auth.UserRecord, error)
	CreateUserFn           func(ctx context.Context, user *auth.UserToCreate) (*auth.UserRecord, error)
	DeleteUserFn           func(ctx context.Context, uid string) error
	GetUserProfileByIDFn   func(ctx context.Context, id string, suspended bool) (*profileutils.UserProfile, error)

FirebaseClientExtension represents `auth.Client` fake

func (*FirebaseClientExtension) CreateUser

CreateUser ...

func (*FirebaseClientExtension) DeleteUser

func (f *FirebaseClientExtension) DeleteUser(ctx context.Context, uid string) error

DeleteUser ...

func (*FirebaseClientExtension) GetUserByPhoneNumber

func (f *FirebaseClientExtension) GetUserByPhoneNumber(ctx context.Context, phone string) (*auth.UserRecord, error)

GetUserByPhoneNumber ...

func (*FirebaseClientExtension) GetUserProfileByID

func (f *FirebaseClientExtension) GetUserProfileByID(ctx context.Context, id string, suspended bool) (*profileutils.UserProfile, error)

GetUserProfileByID ...

type FirestoreClientExtension

type FirestoreClientExtension struct {
	CollectionFn func(path string) *firestore.CollectionRef
	GetAllFn     func(ctx context.Context, query *fb.GetAllQuery) ([]*firestore.DocumentSnapshot, error)
	CreateFn     func(ctx context.Context, command *fb.CreateCommand) (*firestore.DocumentRef, error)
	UpdateFn     func(ctx context.Context, command *fb.UpdateCommand) error
	DeleteFn     func(ctx context.Context, command *fb.DeleteCommand) error
	GetFn        func(ctx context.Context, query *fb.GetSingleQuery) (*firestore.DocumentSnapshot, error)

FirestoreClientExtension represents a `firestore.Client` fake

func (*FirestoreClientExtension) Collection

Collection ...

func (*FirestoreClientExtension) Create

Create persists data to a firestore collection

func (*FirestoreClientExtension) Delete

func (f *FirestoreClientExtension) Delete(ctx context.Context, command *fb.DeleteCommand) error

Delete deletes data to a firestore collection

func (*FirestoreClientExtension) Get

Get retrieves data to a firestore collection

func (*FirestoreClientExtension) GetAll

GetAll retrieve a value from the store

func (*FirestoreClientExtension) Update

func (f *FirestoreClientExtension) Update(ctx context.Context, command *fb.UpdateCommand) error

Update updates data to a firestore collection

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