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func CleanServicesAndEndpoints

func CleanServicesAndEndpoints(k8s *kubernetes.Clientset, namespace string)

CleanServicesAndEndpoints deletes all services and endpoint in a namespace

func CreateEndPoint

func CreateEndPoint(k8s *kubernetes.Clientset, eps []v1.Endpoints) error

CreateEndPoint creates endpoint with specified name

func CreateService

func CreateService(k8s *kubernetes.Clientset, svcs []v1.Service) error

CreateService creates service with specified name

func DeleteEndPoints

func DeleteEndPoints(k8s *kubernetes.Clientset, namespace string) error

DeleteEndPoints deletes all endpoints in a namespace

func DeleteServices

func DeleteServices(k8s *kubernetes.Clientset, namespace string) error

DeleteServices deletes all services in a namespace

func EnsureNamespace

func EnsureNamespace(k8s *kubernetes.Clientset, namespace string) error

EnsureNamespace checks if the namespace exists and if not attempts to create it

func GenerateTestObjects

func GenerateTestObjects(k8s *kubernetes.Clientset, namespace, stackMode string, svcNumber, subsetNumber, ipInSubset int, startIPv4, startIPv6 string) error

GenerateTestObjects generates services, endpoints based on passed parameters For each Service object, an Endpoint object with number of Subsets, and each subset with a number of Addrersses is create

func IsValidIPv4

func IsValidIPv4(ipAddr string) bool

IsValidIPv4 returns true if passed in a string ip address is a valid ipv4 address

func IsValidIPv6

func IsValidIPv6(ipAddr string) bool

IsValidIPv6 returns true if passed in a string ip address is a valid ipv6 address


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