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var Class rune

Class is a Storage Class Specifier

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var Look rune

Look is a Lookahead character

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var Sign rune

Sign is Sign Specifier

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var Typ rune

Typ is a Type Specifier


func Abort

func Abort(s string)

Abort Reports Error and Halts

func DoData

func DoData(n rune)

DoData Processes a Data Declaration

func DoFunc

func DoFunc(n rune)

DoFunc Processes a Function Definition

func Emit

func Emit(s string)

Emit Ouputs a String with Tab

func EmitLn

func EmitLn(s string)

EmitLn Ouputs a String with Tab and CRLF

func Error

func Error(s string)

Error Reports an Error

func Expected

func Expected(s string)

Expected Reports What Was Expected

func GetChar

func GetChar()

GetChar Reads New Character From Input Stream

func GetClass

func GetClass()

GetClass Gets a Storage Class

func GetName

func GetName() (r rune)

GetName Gets an Identifier

func GetNum

func GetNum() (r rune)

GetNum Gets a Number

func GetType

func GetType()

GetType Gets a Type Specifier

func Go

func Go()

Go starts the execution of this chapter

func Init

func Init()

Init Initializes

func IsAlpha

func IsAlpha(r rune) bool

IsAlpha Recognizes an Alpha Character

func IsDigit

func IsDigit(r rune) bool

IsDigit Recognizes a Decimal Digit

func Match

func Match(x rune)

Match Matches a Specific Input Character

func TopDecl

func TopDecl()

TopDecl Processes a Top-Level Declaration


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