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Util to compute and verify Bcrypted passwords via CLI.


go get github.com/sbreitf1/go-crypt
go install github.com/sbreitf1/go-crypt



Crypt passwords by supplying them via input parameter, StdIn or user prompt:

go-crypt -i 'password'

echo -n 'password' | go-crypt

go-crypt -p
> {hidden password}

IMPORTANT NOTE when using echo on a unix-based system, be sure to pass the flag -n. Otherwise, you might end up hashing a password that got a \n added to its end. You will only notice it when password validation fails for no reason.

You can specify the crypt method using -m:

go-crypt -i 'password' -m 'sha512'

See the list of available crypt methods below. Bcrypt versions are chosen to be consistent with the definitions in Wikipedia.

Key Short Example Output Prefix Description
md5 1 $1$9Ue3/ehr$nBqkQqday1MDGQQwKeNiQ/ MD5 based crypt
default 2a $2a$10$K4NBx0JItxC5D0NPRBcz2u... Standard bcrypt with UTF-8 support
sha256 5 $5$yx5Dcz8vmsvV$... SHA-256 based crypt
sha512 6 $6$FD3.owZTk1v2$... SHA-512 based crypt

The same password input options as for crypt are available for password verification. Use the option -v to pass a crypted value:

go-crypt -i 'password' -v '$2a$10$p.qy7f4OptuEORh/lSCNC.3U39ra0F5FRPXfxoM8IG0JQvZPUZqbq'
password is ok

go-crypt -i 'wrong password' -v '$2a$10$p.qy7f4OptuEORh/lSCNC.3U39ra0F5FRPXfxoM8IG0JQvZPUZqbq'
the supplied password does not match the given crypt value

The application will exit with code 1 if the password is incorrect or an error occured.


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