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type Block

type Block struct {
	ID               graphql.String
	ParentHash       graphql.String
	UnclesHash       graphql.String
	StateRoot        graphql.String
	ReceiptsRoot     graphql.String
	TransactionsRoot graphql.String
	Number           graphql.BigInt
	Timestamp        graphql.BigInt
	Author           graphql.String
	Difficulty       graphql.BigInt
	TotalDifficulty  graphql.BigInt
	GasUsed          graphql.BigInt
	GasLimit         graphql.BigInt
	Size             graphql.BigInt

Block represents graphql model of block

type BlocklyticsClient

type BlocklyticsClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewBlocklyticsClient

func NewBlocklyticsClient(token string) (bl BlocklyticsClient)

NewBlocklyticsClient returns Blocklytics

func (*BlocklyticsClient) Blocks

func (bl *BlocklyticsClient) Blocks(ctx context.Context, count, skip, bn int, order string) (blocks []Block, err error)

Blocks query of blocks by given query, the order should looks like [column asc|desc]

func (*BlocklyticsClient) BlocksByTimestamp

func (bl *BlocklyticsClient) BlocksByTimestamp(ctx context.Context, count, skip, timestamp int, order string) (blocks []Block, err error)

BlocksByTimestamp query of blocks by given query, the order should looks like [column asc|desc]

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