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type ConduitConnectRequest

type ConduitConnectRequest struct {
	Client            string `json:"client"`
	ClientVersion     string `json:"clientVersion"`
	ClientDescription string `json:"clientDescription"`
	Host              string `json:"host"`
	User              string `json:"user"`
	AuthToken         string `json:"authToken"`
	AuthSignature     string `json:"authSignature"`

ConduitConnectRequest represents a request to conduit.connect.

type ConduitMetadata added in v0.2.0

type ConduitMetadata struct {
	Scope         string `json:"scope,omitempty"`
	ConnectionID  string `json:"connectionID,omitempty"`
	AuthType      string `json:"auth.type,omitempty"`
	AuthHost      string `json:",omitempty"`
	AuthKey       string `json:"auth.key,omitempty"`
	AuthUser      string `json:"auth.user,omitempty"`
	AuthSignature string `json:"auth.signature,omitempty"`
	Token         string `json:"token,omitempty"`
	AccessToken   string `json:"access_token,omitempty"`
	SessionKey    string `json:"sessionKey,omitempty"`

ConduitMetadata contains auth/API metadata included on Conduit requests.

type DifferentialQueryRequest

type DifferentialQueryRequest struct {
	Authors          []string                         `json:"authors"`
	CCs              []string                         `json:"ccs"`
	Reviewers        []string                         `json:"reviewers"`
	Paths            [][]string                       `json:"paths"`
	CommitHashes     [][]string                       `json:"commitHashes"`
	Status           constants.DifferentialStatus     `json:"status"`
	Order            constants.DifferentialQueryOrder `json:"order"`
	Limit            uint64                           `json:"limit"`
	Offset           uint64                           `json:"offset"`
	IDs              []uint64                         `json:"ids"`
	PHIDs            []string                         `json:"phids"`
	Subscribers      []string                         `json:"subscribers"`
	ResponsibleUsers []string                         `json:"responsibleUsers"`
	Branches         []string                         `json:"branches"`

DifferentialQueryRequest represents a request to the differential.query call.

type DiffusionQueryCommitsRequest

type DiffusionQueryCommitsRequest struct {
	IDs            []uint64 `json:"ids"`
	PHIDs          []string `json:"phids"`
	Names          []string `json:"names"`
	RepositoryPHID string   `json:"repositoryPHID"`
	NeedMessages   bool     `json:"needMessages"`
	BypassCache    bool     `json:"bypassCache"`
	Before         string   `json:"before"`
	After          string   `json:"after"`
	Limit          uint64   `json:"limit"`

DiffusionQueryCommitsRequest represents a request to the diffusion.querycommits call.

type FileDownloadRequest

type FileDownloadRequest struct {
	PHID string `json:"phid"`

FileDownloadRequest represents a call to

type MacroCreateMemeRequest

type MacroCreateMemeRequest struct {
	MacroName string `json:"macroName"`
	UpperText string `json:"upperText"`
	LowerText string `json:"lowerText"`

MacroCreateMemeRequest represents a call to macro.creatememe.

type ManiphestCreateTaskRequest added in v0.2.0

type ManiphestCreateTaskRequest struct {
	Title        string   `json:"title"`
	Description  string   `json:"description"`
	OwnerPHID    string   `json:"ownerPHID"`
	ViewPolicy   string   `json:"viewPolicy"`
	EditPolicy   string   `json:"editPolicy"`
	CCPHIDs      []string `json:"ccPHIDs"`
	Priority     int      `json:"priority"`
	ProjectPHIDs []string `json:"projectPHIDs"`

ManiphestCreateTaskRequest represents a request to maniphest.createtask.

type ManiphestQueryRequest

type ManiphestQueryRequest struct {
	IDs          []string                      `json:"ids"`
	PHIDs        []string                      `json:"phids"`
	OwnerPHIDs   []string                      `json:"ownerPHIDs"`
	AuthorPHIDs  []string                      `json:"authorPHIDs"`
	ProjectPHIDs []string                      `json:"projectPHIDs"`
	CCPHIDs      []string                      `json:"ccPHIDs"`
	FullText     string                        `json:"fullText"`
	Status       constants.ManiphestTaskStatus `json:"status"`
	Order        constants.ManiphestQueryOrder `json:"order"`
	Limit        uint64                        `json:"offset"`
	Offset       uint64                        `json:"offset"`

ManiphestQueryRequest represents a request to maniphest.query.

type PHIDLookupRequest

type PHIDLookupRequest struct {
	Names []string `json:"names"`

type PHIDQueryRequest

type PHIDQueryRequest struct {
	PHIDs []string `json:"phids"`

type PasteCreateRequest

type PasteCreateRequest struct {
	Content  string `json:"content"`  // required
	Title    string `json:"title"`    // optional
	Language string `json:"language"` // optional

PasteCreateRequest represents a request to paste.create.

type PasteQueryRequest

type PasteQueryRequest struct {
	IDs         []uint64 `json:"ids"`         // optional
	PHIDs       []string `json:"phids"`       // optional
	AuthorPHIDs []string `json:"authorPHIDs"` // optional
	Offset      uint64   `json:"after"`       // optional
	Limit       uint64   `json:"limit"`       // optional

PasteQueryRequest represents a request to paste.query.

type ProjectQueryRequest

type ProjectQueryRequest struct {
	IDs     []string                `json:"ids"`
	Names   []string                `json:"names"`
	PHIDs   []string                `json:"phids"`
	Slugs   []string                `json:"slugs"`
	Icons   []string                `json:"icons"`
	Colors  []string                `json:"colors"`
	Status  constants.ProjectStatus `json:"status"`
	Members []string                `json:"members"`
	Limit   uint64                  `json:"limit"`
	Offset  uint64                  `json:"offset"`

ProjectQueryRequest represents a request to project.query.

type RepositoryQueryRequest

type RepositoryQueryRequest struct {
	IDs        []uint64 `json:"ids"`
	PHIDs      []string `json:"phids"`
	Callsigns  []string `json:"callsigns"`
	VCSTypes   []string `json:"vcsTypes"`
	RemoteURIs []string `json:"remoteURIs"`
	UUIDs      []string `json:"uuids"`
	Order      string   `json:"order"`
	Before     string   `json:"before"`
	After      string   `json:"after"`
	Limit      uint64   `json:"limit"`

RepositoryQueryRequest represents a request to the repository.query call.

type Request

type Request struct {
	Metadata *ConduitMetadata `json:"__conduit__,omitempty"`

Request is the base request struct.

func (*Request) GetMetadata added in v0.2.0

func (r *Request) GetMetadata() *ConduitMetadata

GetMetadata gets the inner Conduit metadata.

func (*Request) SetMetadata added in v0.2.0

func (r *Request) SetMetadata(metadata *ConduitMetadata)

SetMetadata sets the inner Conduit metadata.

type RequestInterface added in v0.2.0

type RequestInterface interface {
	GetMetadata() *ConduitMetadata

RequestInterface describes a base Conduit request

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