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Index Plugin

The index plugin is a micro toolkit plugin which enables the HTTP index to be routed to a service or respond with static content.


Register the plugin before building Micro

package main

import (

func init() {

It can then be applied on the command line like so. This will route to the greeter service.

micro --index_service=greeter
Route to Service

Specifying --index_service= flag will route to a particular service

Below routes to go.micro.api.greeter given the default API namespace of go.micro.api. In the web case it will route to go.micro.web.greeter.

micro --index_service=greeter

Alternatively specify the service when registering the plugin

func init() {

Note: You can specify just the service if using the "proxy" handler. Any other requires service and method e.g --index_service=greeter/say/hello

Static Content

Instead of routing to a service you may want to serve static content

Do so in the following way

micro --index_status=200 --index_header=Content-Type:text/plain --index_body="hello world"

The same can be achieved when registering the plugin

func init() {
		http.Header{"Content-Type": []string{"text/plain"}},
		[]byte(`hello world`),
Scoped to API

If you like to only apply the plugin for a specific component you can register it with that specifically. For example, below you'll see the plugin registered with the API.

package main

import (

func init() {

Here's what the help displays when you do that.

$ go run main.go plugin.go api --help
   main api - Run the micro API

   main api [command options] [arguments...]

   --address 		Set the api address e.g [$MICRO_API_ADDRESS]
   --handler 		Specify the request handler to be used for mapping HTTP requests to services; {api, proxy, rpc} [$MICRO_API_HANDLER]
   --namespace 		Set the namespace used by the API e.g. com.example.api [$MICRO_API_NAMESPACE]
   --cors 		Comma separated whitelist of allowed origins for CORS [$MICRO_API_CORS]
   --index_service 	Service name to route index to. Specified without namespace e.g greeter [$INDEX_SERVICE]
   --index_status "0"	HTTP status code for response [$INDEX_STATUS]
   --index_header 	Comma separated list of key-value pairs for response header [$INDEX_HEADER]
   --index_body 	Body of the response [$INDEX_BODY]

In this case the usage would be

micro api --index_service=greeter



Package index is a micro plugin for stripping a path index



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func NewPlugin

func NewPlugin() plugin.Plugin

NewPlugin creates a new plugin expecting the service specified via flag

func WithResponse

func WithResponse(status int, header http.Header, body []byte) plugin.Plugin

WithContent will write the given status, header and body

func WithService

func WithService(service string) plugin.Plugin

WithService creates an index plugin with a service


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