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Published: Jan 30, 2015 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 4 Imported by: 0



Package cloudhsm provides a client for Amazon CloudHSM.



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const (
	ClientVersion51 = "5.1"
	ClientVersion53 = "5.3"

Possible values for CloudHSM.

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const (
	CloudHSMObjectStateDegraded = "DEGRADED"
	CloudHSMObjectStateReady    = "READY"
	CloudHSMObjectStateUpdating = "UPDATING"

Possible values for CloudHSM.

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const (
	HSMStatusDegraded    = "DEGRADED"
	HSMStatusPending     = "PENDING"
	HSMStatusRunning     = "RUNNING"
	HSMStatusSuspended   = "SUSPENDED"
	HSMStatusTerminated  = "TERMINATED"
	HSMStatusTerminating = "TERMINATING"
	HSMStatusUpdating    = "UPDATING"

Possible values for CloudHSM.

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const (
	SubscriptionTypeProduction = "PRODUCTION"

Possible values for CloudHSM.


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type CloudHSM

type CloudHSM struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CloudHSM is a client for Amazon CloudHSM.

func New

func New(creds aws.CredentialsProvider, region string, client *http.Client) *CloudHSM

New returns a new CloudHSM client.

func (*CloudHSM) CreateHSM

func (c *CloudHSM) CreateHSM(req *CreateHSMRequest) (resp *CreateHSMResponse, err error)

CreateHSM creates an uninitialized HSM instance. Running this command provisions an HSM appliance and will result in charges to your AWS account for the

func (*CloudHSM) CreateHapg

func (c *CloudHSM) CreateHapg(req *CreateHapgRequest) (resp *CreateHapgResponse, err error)

CreateHapg creates a high-availability partition group. A high-availability partition group is a group of partitions that spans multiple physical HSMs.

func (*CloudHSM) CreateLunaClient

func (c *CloudHSM) CreateLunaClient(req *CreateLunaClientRequest) (resp *CreateLunaClientResponse, err error)

CreateLunaClient is undocumented.

func (*CloudHSM) DeleteHSM

func (c *CloudHSM) DeleteHSM(req *DeleteHSMRequest) (resp *DeleteHSMResponse, err error)

DeleteHSM deletes an Once complete, this operation cannot be undone and your key material cannot be recovered.

func (*CloudHSM) DeleteHapg

func (c *CloudHSM) DeleteHapg(req *DeleteHapgRequest) (resp *DeleteHapgResponse, err error)

DeleteHapg is undocumented.

func (*CloudHSM) DeleteLunaClient

func (c *CloudHSM) DeleteLunaClient(req *DeleteLunaClientRequest) (resp *DeleteLunaClientResponse, err error)

DeleteLunaClient is undocumented.

func (*CloudHSM) DescribeHSM

func (c *CloudHSM) DescribeHSM(req *DescribeHSMRequest) (resp *DescribeHSMResponse, err error)

DescribeHSM retrieves information about an You can identify the HSM by its ARN or its serial number.

func (*CloudHSM) DescribeHapg

func (c *CloudHSM) DescribeHapg(req *DescribeHapgRequest) (resp *DescribeHapgResponse, err error)

DescribeHapg retrieves information about a high-availability partition group.

func (*CloudHSM) DescribeLunaClient

func (c *CloudHSM) DescribeLunaClient(req *DescribeLunaClientRequest) (resp *DescribeLunaClientResponse, err error)

DescribeLunaClient is undocumented.

func (*CloudHSM) GetConfig

func (c *CloudHSM) GetConfig(req *GetConfigRequest) (resp *GetConfigResponse, err error)

GetConfig gets the configuration files necessary to connect to all high availability partition groups the client is associated with.

func (*CloudHSM) ListAvailableZones

func (c *CloudHSM) ListAvailableZones(req *ListAvailableZonesRequest) (resp *ListAvailableZonesResponse, err error)

ListAvailableZones lists the Availability Zones that have available AWS CloudHSM capacity.

func (*CloudHSM) ListHSMs

func (c *CloudHSM) ListHSMs(req *ListHSMsRequest) (resp *ListHSMsResponse, err error)

ListHSMs retrieves the identifiers of all of the HSMs provisioned for the current customer. This operation supports pagination with the use of the NextToken member. If more results are available, the NextToken member of the response contains a token that you pass in the next call to ListHsms to retrieve the next set of items.

func (*CloudHSM) ListHapgs

func (c *CloudHSM) ListHapgs(req *ListHapgsRequest) (resp *ListHapgsResponse, err error)

ListHapgs lists the high-availability partition groups for the account. This operation supports pagination with the use of the NextToken member. If more results are available, the NextToken member of the response contains a token that you pass in the next call to ListHapgs to retrieve the next set of items.

func (*CloudHSM) ListLunaClients

func (c *CloudHSM) ListLunaClients(req *ListLunaClientsRequest) (resp *ListLunaClientsResponse, err error)

ListLunaClients lists all of the clients. This operation supports pagination with the use of the NextToken member. If more results are available, the NextToken member of the response contains a token that you pass in the next call to ListLunaClients to retrieve the next set of items.

func (*CloudHSM) ModifyHSM

func (c *CloudHSM) ModifyHSM(req *ModifyHSMRequest) (resp *ModifyHSMResponse, err error)

ModifyHSM is undocumented.

func (*CloudHSM) ModifyHapg

func (c *CloudHSM) ModifyHapg(req *ModifyHapgRequest) (resp *ModifyHapgResponse, err error)

ModifyHapg modifies an existing high-availability partition group.

func (*CloudHSM) ModifyLunaClient

func (c *CloudHSM) ModifyLunaClient(req *ModifyLunaClientRequest) (resp *ModifyLunaClientResponse, err error)

ModifyLunaClient modifies the certificate used by the client. This action can potentially start a workflow to install the new certificate on the client's HSMs.

type CloudHSMAPI

type CloudHSMAPI interface {
	CreateHapg(req *CreateHapgRequest) (resp *CreateHapgResponse, err error)
	CreateHSM(req *CreateHSMRequest) (resp *CreateHSMResponse, err error)
	CreateLunaClient(req *CreateLunaClientRequest) (resp *CreateLunaClientResponse, err error)
	DeleteHapg(req *DeleteHapgRequest) (resp *DeleteHapgResponse, err error)
	DeleteHSM(req *DeleteHSMRequest) (resp *DeleteHSMResponse, err error)
	DeleteLunaClient(req *DeleteLunaClientRequest) (resp *DeleteLunaClientResponse, err error)
	DescribeHapg(req *DescribeHapgRequest) (resp *DescribeHapgResponse, err error)
	DescribeHSM(req *DescribeHSMRequest) (resp *DescribeHSMResponse, err error)
	DescribeLunaClient(req *DescribeLunaClientRequest) (resp *DescribeLunaClientResponse, err error)
	GetConfig(req *GetConfigRequest) (resp *GetConfigResponse, err error)
	ListAvailableZones(req *ListAvailableZonesRequest) (resp *ListAvailableZonesResponse, err error)
	ListHapgs(req *ListHapgsRequest) (resp *ListHapgsResponse, err error)
	ListHSMs(req *ListHSMsRequest) (resp *ListHSMsResponse, err error)
	ListLunaClients(req *ListLunaClientsRequest) (resp *ListLunaClientsResponse, err error)
	ModifyHapg(req *ModifyHapgRequest) (resp *ModifyHapgResponse, err error)
	ModifyHSM(req *ModifyHSMRequest) (resp *ModifyHSMResponse, err error)
	ModifyLunaClient(req *ModifyLunaClientRequest) (resp *ModifyLunaClientResponse, err error)

type CreateHSMRequest

type CreateHSMRequest struct {
	ClientToken      aws.StringValue `json:"ClientToken,omitempty"`
	EniIP            aws.StringValue `json:"EniIp,omitempty"`
	ExternalID       aws.StringValue `json:"ExternalId,omitempty"`
	IAMRoleARN       aws.StringValue `json:"IamRoleArn"`
	SSHKey           aws.StringValue `json:"SshKey"`
	SubnetID         aws.StringValue `json:"SubnetId"`
	SubscriptionType aws.StringValue `json:"SubscriptionType"`
	SyslogIP         aws.StringValue `json:"SyslogIp,omitempty"`

CreateHSMRequest is undocumented.

type CreateHSMResponse

type CreateHSMResponse struct {
	HSMARN aws.StringValue `json:"HsmArn,omitempty"`

CreateHSMResponse is undocumented.

type CreateHapgRequest

type CreateHapgRequest struct {
	Label aws.StringValue `json:"Label"`

CreateHapgRequest is undocumented.

type CreateHapgResponse

type CreateHapgResponse struct {
	HapgARN aws.StringValue `json:"HapgArn,omitempty"`

CreateHapgResponse is undocumented.

type CreateLunaClientRequest

type CreateLunaClientRequest struct {
	Certificate aws.StringValue `json:"Certificate"`
	Label       aws.StringValue `json:"Label,omitempty"`

CreateLunaClientRequest is undocumented.

type CreateLunaClientResponse

type CreateLunaClientResponse struct {
	ClientARN aws.StringValue `json:"ClientArn,omitempty"`

CreateLunaClientResponse is undocumented.

type DeleteHSMRequest

type DeleteHSMRequest struct {
	HSMARN aws.StringValue `json:"HsmArn"`

DeleteHSMRequest is undocumented.

type DeleteHSMResponse

type DeleteHSMResponse struct {
	Status aws.StringValue `json:"Status"`

DeleteHSMResponse is undocumented.

type DeleteHapgRequest

type DeleteHapgRequest struct {
	HapgARN aws.StringValue `json:"HapgArn"`

DeleteHapgRequest is undocumented.

type DeleteHapgResponse

type DeleteHapgResponse struct {
	Status aws.StringValue `json:"Status"`

DeleteHapgResponse is undocumented.

type DeleteLunaClientRequest

type DeleteLunaClientRequest struct {
	ClientARN aws.StringValue `json:"ClientArn"`

DeleteLunaClientRequest is undocumented.

type DeleteLunaClientResponse

type DeleteLunaClientResponse struct {
	Status aws.StringValue `json:"Status"`

DeleteLunaClientResponse is undocumented.

type DescribeHSMRequest

type DescribeHSMRequest struct {
	HSMARN          aws.StringValue `json:"HsmArn,omitempty"`
	HSMSerialNumber aws.StringValue `json:"HsmSerialNumber,omitempty"`

DescribeHSMRequest is undocumented.

type DescribeHSMResponse

type DescribeHSMResponse struct {
	AvailabilityZone      aws.StringValue `json:"AvailabilityZone,omitempty"`
	EniID                 aws.StringValue `json:"EniId,omitempty"`
	EniIP                 aws.StringValue `json:"EniIp,omitempty"`
	HSMARN                aws.StringValue `json:"HsmArn,omitempty"`
	HSMType               aws.StringValue `json:"HsmType,omitempty"`
	IAMRoleARN            aws.StringValue `json:"IamRoleArn,omitempty"`
	Partitions            []string        `json:"Partitions,omitempty"`
	SerialNumber          aws.StringValue `json:"SerialNumber,omitempty"`
	ServerCertLastUpdated aws.StringValue `json:"ServerCertLastUpdated,omitempty"`
	ServerCertURI         aws.StringValue `json:"ServerCertUri,omitempty"`
	SoftwareVersion       aws.StringValue `json:"SoftwareVersion,omitempty"`
	SSHKeyLastUpdated     aws.StringValue `json:"SshKeyLastUpdated,omitempty"`
	SSHPublicKey          aws.StringValue `json:"SshPublicKey,omitempty"`
	Status                aws.StringValue `json:"Status,omitempty"`
	StatusDetails         aws.StringValue `json:"StatusDetails,omitempty"`
	SubnetID              aws.StringValue `json:"SubnetId,omitempty"`
	SubscriptionEndDate   aws.StringValue `json:"SubscriptionEndDate,omitempty"`
	SubscriptionStartDate aws.StringValue `json:"SubscriptionStartDate,omitempty"`
	SubscriptionType      aws.StringValue `json:"SubscriptionType,omitempty"`
	VendorName            aws.StringValue `json:"VendorName,omitempty"`
	VPCID                 aws.StringValue `json:"VpcId,omitempty"`

DescribeHSMResponse is undocumented.

type DescribeHapgRequest

type DescribeHapgRequest struct {
	HapgARN aws.StringValue `json:"HapgArn"`

DescribeHapgRequest is undocumented.

type DescribeHapgResponse

type DescribeHapgResponse struct {
	HapgARN                 aws.StringValue `json:"HapgArn,omitempty"`
	HapgSerial              aws.StringValue `json:"HapgSerial,omitempty"`
	HSMsLastActionFailed    []string        `json:"HsmsLastActionFailed,omitempty"`
	HSMsPendingDeletion     []string        `json:"HsmsPendingDeletion,omitempty"`
	HSMsPendingRegistration []string        `json:"HsmsPendingRegistration,omitempty"`
	Label                   aws.StringValue `json:"Label,omitempty"`
	LastModifiedTimestamp   aws.StringValue `json:"LastModifiedTimestamp,omitempty"`
	PartitionSerialList     []string        `json:"PartitionSerialList,omitempty"`
	State                   aws.StringValue `json:"State,omitempty"`

DescribeHapgResponse is undocumented.

type DescribeLunaClientRequest

type DescribeLunaClientRequest struct {
	CertificateFingerprint aws.StringValue `json:"CertificateFingerprint,omitempty"`
	ClientARN              aws.StringValue `json:"ClientArn,omitempty"`

DescribeLunaClientRequest is undocumented.

type DescribeLunaClientResponse

type DescribeLunaClientResponse struct {
	Certificate            aws.StringValue `json:"Certificate,omitempty"`
	CertificateFingerprint aws.StringValue `json:"CertificateFingerprint,omitempty"`
	ClientARN              aws.StringValue `json:"ClientArn,omitempty"`
	Label                  aws.StringValue `json:"Label,omitempty"`
	LastModifiedTimestamp  aws.StringValue `json:"LastModifiedTimestamp,omitempty"`

DescribeLunaClientResponse is undocumented.

type GetConfigRequest

type GetConfigRequest struct {
	ClientARN     aws.StringValue `json:"ClientArn"`
	ClientVersion aws.StringValue `json:"ClientVersion"`
	HapgList      []string        `json:"HapgList"`

GetConfigRequest is undocumented.

type GetConfigResponse

type GetConfigResponse struct {
	ConfigCred aws.StringValue `json:"ConfigCred,omitempty"`
	ConfigFile aws.StringValue `json:"ConfigFile,omitempty"`
	ConfigType aws.StringValue `json:"ConfigType,omitempty"`

GetConfigResponse is undocumented.

type ListAvailableZonesRequest

type ListAvailableZonesRequest struct {

ListAvailableZonesRequest is undocumented.

type ListAvailableZonesResponse

type ListAvailableZonesResponse struct {
	AZList []string `json:"AZList,omitempty"`

ListAvailableZonesResponse is undocumented.

type ListHSMsRequest

type ListHSMsRequest struct {
	NextToken aws.StringValue `json:"NextToken,omitempty"`

ListHSMsRequest is undocumented.

type ListHSMsResponse

type ListHSMsResponse struct {
	HSMList   []string        `json:"HsmList,omitempty"`
	NextToken aws.StringValue `json:"NextToken,omitempty"`

ListHSMsResponse is undocumented.

type ListHapgsRequest

type ListHapgsRequest struct {
	NextToken aws.StringValue `json:"NextToken,omitempty"`

ListHapgsRequest is undocumented.

type ListHapgsResponse

type ListHapgsResponse struct {
	HapgList  []string        `json:"HapgList"`
	NextToken aws.StringValue `json:"NextToken,omitempty"`

ListHapgsResponse is undocumented.

type ListLunaClientsRequest

type ListLunaClientsRequest struct {
	NextToken aws.StringValue `json:"NextToken,omitempty"`

ListLunaClientsRequest is undocumented.

type ListLunaClientsResponse

type ListLunaClientsResponse struct {
	ClientList []string        `json:"ClientList"`
	NextToken  aws.StringValue `json:"NextToken,omitempty"`

ListLunaClientsResponse is undocumented.

type ModifyHSMRequest

type ModifyHSMRequest struct {
	EniIP      aws.StringValue `json:"EniIp,omitempty"`
	ExternalID aws.StringValue `json:"ExternalId,omitempty"`
	HSMARN     aws.StringValue `json:"HsmArn"`
	IAMRoleARN aws.StringValue `json:"IamRoleArn,omitempty"`
	SubnetID   aws.StringValue `json:"SubnetId,omitempty"`
	SyslogIP   aws.StringValue `json:"SyslogIp,omitempty"`

ModifyHSMRequest is undocumented.

type ModifyHSMResponse

type ModifyHSMResponse struct {
	HSMARN aws.StringValue `json:"HsmArn,omitempty"`

ModifyHSMResponse is undocumented.

type ModifyHapgRequest

type ModifyHapgRequest struct {
	HapgARN             aws.StringValue `json:"HapgArn"`
	Label               aws.StringValue `json:"Label,omitempty"`
	PartitionSerialList []string        `json:"PartitionSerialList,omitempty"`

ModifyHapgRequest is undocumented.

type ModifyHapgResponse

type ModifyHapgResponse struct {
	HapgARN aws.StringValue `json:"HapgArn,omitempty"`

ModifyHapgResponse is undocumented.

type ModifyLunaClientRequest

type ModifyLunaClientRequest struct {
	Certificate aws.StringValue `json:"Certificate"`
	ClientARN   aws.StringValue `json:"ClientArn"`

ModifyLunaClientRequest is undocumented.

type ModifyLunaClientResponse

type ModifyLunaClientResponse struct {
	ClientARN aws.StringValue `json:"ClientArn,omitempty"`

ModifyLunaClientResponse is undocumented.

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