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package api

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Published: Mar 4, 2018 | License: MIT | Module:


Package api provides a generic, low-level WebDriver API client for Go. All methods map directly to endpoints of the WebDriver Wire Protocol:

This package was previously internal to the agouti package. It currently does not have a fixed API, but this will change in the near future (with the addition of adequate documentation).


type Bus

type Bus interface {
	Send(method, endpoint string, body, result interface{}) error

type Button

type Button int
const (
	LeftButton Button = iota
type Cookie struct {
	// Name is the name of the cookie (required)
	Name string `json:"name"`

	// Value is the value of the cookie (required)
	Value string `json:"value"`

	// Path is the path of the cookie (default: "/")
	Path string `json:"path,omitempty"`

	// Domain is the domain of the cookie (default: current page domain)
	Domain string `json:"domain,omitempty"`

	// Secure is set to true for secure cookies (default: false)
	Secure bool `json:"secure,omitempty"`

	// HTTPOnly is set to true for HTTP-Only cookies (default: false)
	HTTPOnly bool `json:"httpOnly,omitempty"`

	// Expiry is the time when the cookie expires
	Expiry float64 `json:"expiry,omitempty"`

A Cookie defines a web cookie

type Element

type Element struct {
	ID      string
	Session *Session

func (*Element) Clear

func (e *Element) Clear() error

func (*Element) Click

func (e *Element) Click() error

func (*Element) GetAttribute

func (e *Element) GetAttribute(attribute string) (string, error)

func (*Element) GetCSS

func (e *Element) GetCSS(property string) (string, error)

func (*Element) GetElement

func (e *Element) GetElement(selector Selector) (*Element, error)

func (*Element) GetElements

func (e *Element) GetElements(selector Selector) ([]*Element, error)

func (*Element) GetID

func (e *Element) GetID() string

func (*Element) GetLocation

func (e *Element) GetLocation() (x, y int, err error)

func (*Element) GetName

func (e *Element) GetName() (string, error)

func (*Element) GetSize

func (e *Element) GetSize() (width, height int, err error)

func (*Element) GetText

func (e *Element) GetText() (string, error)

func (*Element) IsDisplayed

func (e *Element) IsDisplayed() (bool, error)

func (*Element) IsEnabled

func (e *Element) IsEnabled() (bool, error)

func (*Element) IsEqualTo

func (e *Element) IsEqualTo(other *Element) (bool, error)

func (*Element) IsSelected

func (e *Element) IsSelected() (bool, error)

func (*Element) Send

func (e *Element) Send(method, endpoint string, body, result interface{}) error

func (*Element) Submit

func (e *Element) Submit() error

func (*Element) Value

func (e *Element) Value(text string) error

type Log

type Log struct {
	Message   string
	Level     string
	Timestamp int64

type Offset

type Offset interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

type ScalarSpeed

type ScalarSpeed uint

type Selector

type Selector struct {
	Using string `json:"using"`
	Value string `json:"value"`

type Session

type Session struct {

func New

func New(sessionURL string) *Session

func Open

func Open(url string, capabilities map[string]interface{}) (*Session, error)

func OpenWithClient

func OpenWithClient(url string, capabilities map[string]interface{}, client *http.Client) (*Session, error)

func (*Session) AcceptAlert

func (s *Session) AcceptAlert() error

func (*Session) Back

func (s *Session) Back() error

func (*Session) ButtonDown

func (s *Session) ButtonDown(button Button) error

func (*Session) ButtonUp

func (s *Session) ButtonUp(button Button) error

func (*Session) Click

func (s *Session) Click(button Button) error

func (*Session) Delete

func (s *Session) Delete() error

func (*Session) DeleteCookie

func (s *Session) DeleteCookie(cookieName string) error

func (*Session) DeleteCookies

func (s *Session) DeleteCookies() error

func (*Session) DeleteLocalStorage

func (s *Session) DeleteLocalStorage() error

func (*Session) DeleteSessionStorage

func (s *Session) DeleteSessionStorage() error

func (*Session) DeleteWindow

func (s *Session) DeleteWindow() error

func (*Session) DismissAlert

func (s *Session) DismissAlert() error

func (*Session) DoubleClick

func (s *Session) DoubleClick() error

func (*Session) Execute

func (s *Session) Execute(body string, arguments []interface{}, result interface{}) error

func (*Session) Forward

func (s *Session) Forward() error

func (*Session) Frame

func (s *Session) Frame(frame *Element) error

func (*Session) FrameParent

func (s *Session) FrameParent() error

func (*Session) GetActiveElement

func (s *Session) GetActiveElement() (*Element, error)

func (*Session) GetAlertText

func (s *Session) GetAlertText() (string, error)

func (*Session) GetCookies

func (s *Session) GetCookies() ([]*Cookie, error)

func (*Session) GetElement

func (s *Session) GetElement(selector Selector) (*Element, error)

func (*Session) GetElements

func (s *Session) GetElements(selector Selector) ([]*Element, error)

func (*Session) GetLogTypes

func (s *Session) GetLogTypes() ([]string, error)

func (*Session) GetScreenshot

func (s *Session) GetScreenshot() ([]byte, error)

func (*Session) GetSource

func (s *Session) GetSource() (string, error)

func (*Session) GetTitle

func (s *Session) GetTitle() (string, error)

func (*Session) GetURL

func (s *Session) GetURL() (string, error)

func (*Session) GetWindow

func (s *Session) GetWindow() (*Window, error)

func (*Session) GetWindows

func (s *Session) GetWindows() ([]*Window, error)

func (*Session) Keys

func (s *Session) Keys(text string) error

func (*Session) MoveTo

func (s *Session) MoveTo(region *Element, offset Offset) error

func (*Session) NewLogs

func (s *Session) NewLogs(logType string) ([]Log, error)

func (*Session) Refresh

func (s *Session) Refresh() error

func (*Session) SetAlertText

func (s *Session) SetAlertText(text string) error

func (*Session) SetCookie

func (s *Session) SetCookie(cookie *Cookie) error

func (*Session) SetImplicitWait

func (s *Session) SetImplicitWait(timeout int) error

func (*Session) SetPageLoad

func (s *Session) SetPageLoad(timeout int) error

func (*Session) SetScriptTimeout

func (s *Session) SetScriptTimeout(timeout int) error

func (*Session) SetURL

func (s *Session) SetURL(url string) error

func (*Session) SetWindow

func (s *Session) SetWindow(window *Window) error

func (*Session) SetWindowByName

func (s *Session) SetWindowByName(name string) error

func (*Session) TouchClick

func (s *Session) TouchClick(element *Element) error

func (*Session) TouchDoubleClick

func (s *Session) TouchDoubleClick(element *Element) error

func (*Session) TouchDown

func (s *Session) TouchDown(x, y int) error

func (*Session) TouchFlick

func (s *Session) TouchFlick(element *Element, offset Offset, speed Speed) error

func (*Session) TouchLongClick

func (s *Session) TouchLongClick(element *Element) error

func (*Session) TouchMove

func (s *Session) TouchMove(x, y int) error

func (*Session) TouchScroll

func (s *Session) TouchScroll(element *Element, offset Offset) error

func (*Session) TouchUp

func (s *Session) TouchUp(x, y int) error

type Speed

type Speed interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

type VectorSpeed

type VectorSpeed struct {
	X int
	Y int

type WebDriver

type WebDriver struct {
	Timeout    time.Duration
	Debug      bool
	HTTPClient *http.Client
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewWebDriver

func NewWebDriver(url string, command []string) *WebDriver

func (*WebDriver) Open

func (w *WebDriver) Open(desiredCapabilites map[string]interface{}) (*Session, error)

func (*WebDriver) Start

func (w *WebDriver) Start() error

func (*WebDriver) Stop

func (w *WebDriver) Stop() error

func (*WebDriver) URL

func (w *WebDriver) URL() string

type Window

type Window struct {
	ID      string
	Session *Session

func (*Window) Send

func (w *Window) Send(method, endpoint string, body, result interface{}) error

func (*Window) SetSize

func (w *Window) SetSize(width, height int) error

type XOffset

type XOffset int

type XYOffset

type XYOffset struct {
	X int
	Y int

type YOffset

type YOffset int
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