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type Device

type Device struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Device) CloseApp

func (d *Device) CloseApp() error

func (*Device) InstallApp

func (d *Device) InstallApp(appPath string) error

func (*Device) LaunchApp

func (d *Device) LaunchApp() error

func (*Device) ReplaceElementValue

func (d *Device) ReplaceElementValue(element *agouti.Selection, newValue string) error

func (*Device) Reset

func (d *Device) Reset() error

func (*Device) Swipe

func (d *Device) Swipe(start_x, start_y, end_x, end_y, duration int) error

func (*Device) TouchAction

func (d *Device) TouchAction() *TouchAction

type Option

type Option func(*config)

func AgoutiOptions

func AgoutiOptions(options ...agouti.Option) Option

func Desired

func Desired(capabilities agouti.Capabilities) Option

type TouchAction

type TouchAction struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTouchAction

func NewTouchAction(session mobileSession) *TouchAction

func (*TouchAction) LongPressElement

func (t *TouchAction) LongPressElement(selection *agouti.Selection, duration int) *TouchAction

func (*TouchAction) LongPressPosition

func (t *TouchAction) LongPressPosition(x, y, duration int) *TouchAction

func (*TouchAction) MoveToElement

func (t *TouchAction) MoveToElement(selection *agouti.Selection) *TouchAction

func (*TouchAction) MoveToPosition

func (t *TouchAction) MoveToPosition(x, y int) *TouchAction

func (*TouchAction) Perform

func (t *TouchAction) Perform() error

func (*TouchAction) PressElement

func (t *TouchAction) PressElement(selection *agouti.Selection) *TouchAction

func (*TouchAction) PressPosition

func (t *TouchAction) PressPosition(x, y int) *TouchAction

func (*TouchAction) Release

func (t *TouchAction) Release() *TouchAction

func (*TouchAction) String

func (ma *TouchAction) String() string

func (*TouchAction) TapElement

func (t *TouchAction) TapElement(selection *agouti.Selection, count int) *TouchAction

func (*TouchAction) TapPosition

func (t *TouchAction) TapPosition(x, y, count int) *TouchAction

func (*TouchAction) Wait

func (t *TouchAction) Wait(ms int) *TouchAction

type WebDriver

type WebDriver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(options ...Option) *WebDriver

func (*WebDriver) NewDevice

func (w *WebDriver) NewDevice(options ...Option) (*Device, error)

func (*WebDriver) Start

func (w *WebDriver) Start() error

func (*WebDriver) Stop

func (w *WebDriver) Stop() error

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