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const ProviderName = "ovirt"


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type OVirtApiConfig

type OVirtApiConfig struct {
	Connection struct {
		ApiEntry string `gcfg:"uri"`
		Username string `gcfg:"username"`
		Password string `gcfg:"password"`
	Filters struct {
		VmsQuery string `gcfg:"vms"`

type OVirtCloud

type OVirtCloud struct {
	VmsRequest   *url.URL
	HostsRequest *url.URL

func (*OVirtCloud) AddSSHKeyToAllInstances

func (v *OVirtCloud) AddSSHKeyToAllInstances(user string, keyData []byte) error

func (*OVirtCloud) Clusters

func (aws *OVirtCloud) Clusters() (cloudprovider.Clusters, bool)

func (*OVirtCloud) CurrentNodeName

func (v *OVirtCloud) CurrentNodeName(hostname string) (string, error)

Implementation of Instances.CurrentNodeName

func (*OVirtCloud) ExternalID

func (v *OVirtCloud) ExternalID(name string) (string, error)

ExternalID returns the cloud provider ID of the specified instance (deprecated).

func (*OVirtCloud) InstanceID

func (v *OVirtCloud) InstanceID(name string) (string, error)

InstanceID returns the cloud provider ID of the specified instance.

func (*OVirtCloud) InstanceType

func (v *OVirtCloud) InstanceType(name string) (string, error)

InstanceType returns the type of the specified instance.

func (*OVirtCloud) Instances

func (v *OVirtCloud) Instances() (cloudprovider.Instances, bool)

Instances returns an implementation of Instances for oVirt cloud

func (*OVirtCloud) List

func (v *OVirtCloud) List(filter string) ([]string, error)

List enumerates the set of minions instances known by the cloud provider

func (*OVirtCloud) LoadBalancer

func (v *OVirtCloud) LoadBalancer() (cloudprovider.LoadBalancer, bool)

LoadBalancer returns an implementation of LoadBalancer for oVirt cloud

func (*OVirtCloud) NodeAddresses

func (v *OVirtCloud) NodeAddresses(name string) ([]api.NodeAddress, error)

NodeAddresses returns the NodeAddresses of a particular machine instance

func (*OVirtCloud) ProviderName

func (v *OVirtCloud) ProviderName() string

ProviderName returns the cloud provider ID.

func (*OVirtCloud) Routes

func (v *OVirtCloud) Routes() (cloudprovider.Routes, bool)

Routes returns an implementation of Routes for oVirt cloud

func (*OVirtCloud) ScrubDNS

func (v *OVirtCloud) ScrubDNS(nameservers, searches []string) (nsOut, srchOut []string)

ScrubDNS filters DNS settings for pods.

func (*OVirtCloud) Zones

func (v *OVirtCloud) Zones() (cloudprovider.Zones, bool)

Zones returns an implementation of Zones for oVirt cloud

type OVirtInstance

type OVirtInstance struct {
	UUID      string
	Name      string
	IPAddress string

type OVirtInstanceMap

type OVirtInstanceMap map[string]OVirtInstance

func (*OVirtInstanceMap) ListSortedNames

func (m *OVirtInstanceMap) ListSortedNames() []string

type XmlVmAddress

type XmlVmAddress struct {
	Address string `xml:"address,attr"`

type XmlVmInfo

type XmlVmInfo struct {
	UUID      string         `xml:"id,attr"`
	Name      string         `xml:"name"`
	Hostname  string         `xml:"guest_info>fqdn"`
	Addresses []XmlVmAddress `xml:"guest_info>ips>ip"`
	State     string         `xml:"status>state"`

type XmlVmsList

type XmlVmsList struct {
	XMLName xml.Name    `xml:"vms"`
	Vm      []XmlVmInfo `xml:"vm"`

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