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Package options contains flags and options for initializing an apiserver



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type APIServer

type APIServer struct {
	APIGroupPrefix             string
	APIPrefix                  string
	AdmissionControl           string
	AdmissionControlConfigFile string
	AdvertiseAddress           net.IP
	AllowPrivileged            bool
	AuthorizationMode          string
	AuthorizationConfig        apiserver.AuthorizationConfig
	BasicAuthFile              string
	CloudConfigFile            string
	CloudProvider              string
	CorsAllowedOriginList      []string
	DeleteCollectionWorkers    int
	DeprecatedStorageVersion   string
	EnableLogsSupport          bool
	EnableProfiling            bool
	EnableWatchCache           bool
	EtcdServersOverrides       []string
	EtcdConfig                 etcdstorage.EtcdConfig
	EventTTL                   time.Duration
	ExternalHost               string
	KeystoneURL                string
	KubeletConfig              kubeletclient.KubeletClientConfig
	KubernetesServiceNodePort  int
	MasterCount                int
	MasterServiceNamespace     string
	MaxConnectionBytesPerSec   int64
	MinRequestTimeout          int
	OIDCCAFile                 string
	OIDCClientID               string
	OIDCIssuerURL              string
	OIDCUsernameClaim          string
	OIDCGroupsClaim            string
	RuntimeConfig              config.ConfigurationMap
	SSHKeyfile                 string
	SSHUser                    string
	ServiceAccountKeyFile      string
	ServiceAccountLookup       bool
	ServiceClusterIPRange      net.IPNet // TODO: make this a list
	ServiceNodePortRange       utilnet.PortRange
	StorageVersions            string
	// The default values for StorageVersions. StorageVersions overrides
	// these; you can change this if you want to change the defaults (e.g.,
	// for testing). This is not actually exposed as a flag.
	DefaultStorageVersions string
	TokenAuthFile          string
	WatchCacheSizes        []string

APIServer runs a kubernetes api server.

func NewAPIServer

func NewAPIServer() *APIServer

NewAPIServer creates a new APIServer object with default parameters

func (*APIServer) AddFlags

func (s *APIServer) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlags adds flags for a specific APIServer to the specified FlagSet

func (*APIServer) StorageGroupsToGroupVersions

func (s *APIServer) StorageGroupsToGroupVersions() map[string]string

StorageGroupsToGroupVersions returns a map from group name to group version, computed from the s.DeprecatedStorageVersion and s.StorageVersions flags. TODO: can we move the whole storage version concept to the generic apiserver?

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