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Package app implements a server that runs a set of active components. This includes replication controllers, service endpoints and nodes.

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func AttemptToLoadRecycler

func AttemptToLoadRecycler(path string, config *volume.VolumeConfig) error

AttemptToLoadRecycler tries decoding a pod from a filepath for use as a recycler for a volume. If successful, this method will set the recycler on the config. If unsuccessful, an error is returned. Function is exported for reuse downstream.

func NewControllerManagerCommand

func NewControllerManagerCommand() *cobra.Command

NewControllerManagerCommand creates a *cobra.Command object with default parameters

func NewVolumeProvisioner

NewVolumeProvisioner returns a volume provisioner to use when running in a cloud or development environment. The beta implementation of provisioning allows 1 implied provisioner per cloud, until we allow configuration of many. We explicitly map clouds to volume plugins here which allows us to configure many later without backwards compatibility issues. Not all cloudproviders have provisioning capability, which is the reason for the bool in the return to tell the caller to expect one or not.

func ProbeRecyclableVolumePlugins

func ProbeRecyclableVolumePlugins(config componentconfig.VolumeConfiguration) []volume.VolumePlugin

ProbeRecyclableVolumePlugins collects all persistent volume plugins into an easy to use list.

func ResyncPeriod

func ResyncPeriod(s *options.CMServer) func() time.Duration

func Run

func Run(s *options.CMServer) error

Run runs the CMServer. This should never exit.

func StartControllers

func StartControllers(s *options.CMServer, kubeClient *client.Client, kubeconfig *restclient.Config, stop <-chan struct{}) error


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Path Synopsis
Package options provides the flags used for the controller manager.
Package options provides the flags used for the controller manager.

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