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type Args

type Args struct {
	// TODO: we should make another type declaration of GroupVersion out of the
	// unversioned package, which is part of our API. Tools like client-gen
	// shouldn't depend on an API.
	GroupVersions []unversioned.GroupVersion

	// GroupVersionToInputPath is a map between GroupVersion and the path to
	// the respective types.go. We still need GroupVersions in the struct because
	// we need an order.
	GroupVersionToInputPath map[unversioned.GroupVersion]string
	// ClientsetName is the name of the clientset to be generated. It's
	// populated from command-line arguments.
	ClientsetName string
	// ClientsetOutputPath is the path the clientset will be generated at. It's
	// populated from command-line arguments.
	ClientsetOutputPath string
	// ClientsetOnly determines if we should generate the clients for groups and
	// types along with the clientset. It's populated from command-line
	// arguments.
	ClientsetOnly bool
	// FakeClient determines if client-gen generates the fake clients.
	FakeClient bool
	// CmdArgs is the command line arguments supplied when the client-gen is called.
	CmdArgs string

ClientGenArgs is a wrapper for arguments to client-gen.

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