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Package parser provides code to parse go files, type-check them, extract the types.



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type Builder

type Builder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Builder lets you add all the go files in all the packages that you care about, then constructs the type source data.

func New

func New() *Builder

New constructs a new builder.

func (*Builder) AddBuildTags

func (b *Builder) AddBuildTags(tags ...string)

AddBuildTags adds the specified build tags to the parse context.

func (*Builder) AddDir

func (b *Builder) AddDir(dir string) error

AddDir adds an entire directory, scanning it for go files. 'dir' should have a single go package in it. GOPATH, GOROOT, and the location of your go binary (`which go`) will all be searched if dir doesn't literally resolve.

func (*Builder) AddDirRecursive

func (b *Builder) AddDirRecursive(dir string) error

AddDirRecursive is just like AddDir, but it also recursively adds subdirectories; it returns an error only if the path couldn't be resolved; any directories recursed into without go source are ignored.

func (*Builder) AddFile

func (b *Builder) AddFile(name string, src []byte) error

AddFile adds a file to the set. The name must be of the form canonical/pkg/path/file.go.

func (*Builder) FindTypes

func (b *Builder) FindTypes() (types.Universe, error)

FindTypes finalizes the package imports, and searches through all the packages for types.

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