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Package gce is an implementation of Interface, LoadBalancer and Instances for Google Compute Engine.



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const (
	ProviderName = "gce"


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func GetGCERegion

func GetGCERegion(zone string) (string, error)

GetGCERegion returns region of the gce zone. Zone names are of the form: ${region-name}-${ix}. For example "us-central1-b" has a region of "us-central1". So we look for the last '-' and trim to just before that.


type Config

type Config struct {
	Global struct {
		TokenURL    string `gcfg:"token-url"`
		TokenBody   string `gcfg:"token-body"`
		ProjectID   string `gcfg:"project-id"`
		NetworkName string `gcfg:"network-name"`
		Multizone   bool   `gcfg:"multizone"`

type GCECloud

type GCECloud struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GCECloud is an implementation of Interface, LoadBalancer and Instances for Google Compute Engine.

func CreateGCECloud

func CreateGCECloud(projectID, region, zone string, managedZones []string, networkURL string, tokenSource oauth2.TokenSource, useMetadataServer bool) (*GCECloud, error)

Creates a GCECloud object using the specified parameters. If no networkUrl is specified, loads networkName via rest call. If no tokenSource is specified, uses oauth2.DefaultTokenSource. If managedZones is nil / empty all zones in the region will be managed.

func (*GCECloud) AddInstancesToInstanceGroup

func (gce *GCECloud) AddInstancesToInstanceGroup(name string, zone string, instanceNames []string) error

AddInstancesToInstanceGroup adds the given instances to the given instance group.

func (*GCECloud) AddPortToInstanceGroup

func (gce *GCECloud) AddPortToInstanceGroup(ig *compute.InstanceGroup, port int64) (*compute.NamedPort, error)

AddPortToInstanceGroup adds a port to the given instance group.

func (*GCECloud) AddSSHKeyToAllInstances

func (gce *GCECloud) AddSSHKeyToAllInstances(user string, keyData []byte) error

func (*GCECloud) AttachDisk

func (gce *GCECloud) AttachDisk(diskName, instanceID string, readOnly bool) error

func (*GCECloud) Clusters

func (gce *GCECloud) Clusters() (cloudprovider.Clusters, bool)

func (*GCECloud) CreateBackendService

func (gce *GCECloud) CreateBackendService(bg *compute.BackendService) error

CreateBackendService creates the given BackendService.

func (*GCECloud) CreateDisk

func (gce *GCECloud) CreateDisk(name string, zone string, sizeGb int64, tags map[string]string) error

CreateDisk creates a new Persistent Disk, with the specified name & size, in the specified zone. It stores specified tags endoced in JSON in Description field.

func (*GCECloud) CreateFirewall

func (gce *GCECloud) CreateFirewall(name, desc string, sourceRanges netsets.IPNet, ports []int64, hostNames []string) error

CreateFirewall creates the given firewall rule.

func (*GCECloud) CreateGlobalForwardingRule

func (gce *GCECloud) CreateGlobalForwardingRule(targetProxyLink, ip, name, portRange string) (*compute.ForwardingRule, error)

CreateGlobalForwardingRule creates and returns a GlobalForwardingRule that points to the given TargetHttp(s)Proxy. targetProxyLink is the SelfLink of a TargetHttp(s)Proxy.

func (*GCECloud) CreateHttpHealthCheck

func (gce *GCECloud) CreateHttpHealthCheck(hc *compute.HttpHealthCheck) error

CreateHttpHealthCheck creates the given HttpHealthCheck.

func (*GCECloud) CreateInstanceGroup

func (gce *GCECloud) CreateInstanceGroup(name string, zone string) (*compute.InstanceGroup, error)

CreateInstanceGroup creates an instance group with the given instances. It is the callers responsibility to add named ports.

func (*GCECloud) CreateRoute

func (gce *GCECloud) CreateRoute(clusterName string, nameHint string, route *cloudprovider.Route) error

func (*GCECloud) CreateSslCertificate

func (gce *GCECloud) CreateSslCertificate(sslCerts *compute.SslCertificate) (*compute.SslCertificate, error)

CreateSslCertificate creates and returns a SslCertificate.

func (*GCECloud) CreateTargetHttpProxy

func (gce *GCECloud) CreateTargetHttpProxy(urlMap *compute.UrlMap, name string) (*compute.TargetHttpProxy, error)

CreateTargetHttpProxy creates and returns a TargetHttpProxy with the given UrlMap.

func (*GCECloud) CreateTargetHttpsProxy

func (gce *GCECloud) CreateTargetHttpsProxy(urlMap *compute.UrlMap, sslCert *compute.SslCertificate, name string) (*compute.TargetHttpsProxy, error)

CreateTargetHttpsProxy creates and returns a TargetHttpsProxy with the given UrlMap and SslCertificate.

func (*GCECloud) CreateUrlMap

func (gce *GCECloud) CreateUrlMap(backend *compute.BackendService, name string) (*compute.UrlMap, error)

CreateUrlMap creates an url map, using the given backend service as the default service.

func (*GCECloud) CurrentNodeName

func (gce *GCECloud) CurrentNodeName(hostname string) (string, error)

Implementation of Instances.CurrentNodeName

func (*GCECloud) DeleteBackendService

func (gce *GCECloud) DeleteBackendService(name string) error

DeleteBackendService deletes the given BackendService by name.

func (*GCECloud) DeleteDisk

func (gce *GCECloud) DeleteDisk(diskToDelete string) error

func (*GCECloud) DeleteFirewall

func (gce *GCECloud) DeleteFirewall(name string) error

DeleteFirewall deletes the given firewall rule.

func (*GCECloud) DeleteGlobalForwardingRule

func (gce *GCECloud) DeleteGlobalForwardingRule(name string) error

DeleteGlobalForwardingRule deletes the GlobalForwardingRule by name.

func (*GCECloud) DeleteGlobalStaticIP

func (gce *GCECloud) DeleteGlobalStaticIP(name string) error

DeleteGlobalStaticIP deletes a global static IP by name.

func (*GCECloud) DeleteHttpHealthCheck

func (gce *GCECloud) DeleteHttpHealthCheck(name string) error

DeleteHttpHealthCheck deletes the given HttpHealthCheck by name.

func (*GCECloud) DeleteInstanceGroup

func (gce *GCECloud) DeleteInstanceGroup(name string, zone string) error

DeleteInstanceGroup deletes an instance group.

func (*GCECloud) DeleteRoute

func (gce *GCECloud) DeleteRoute(clusterName string, route *cloudprovider.Route) error

func (*GCECloud) DeleteSslCertificate

func (gce *GCECloud) DeleteSslCertificate(name string) error

DeleteSslCertificate deletes the SslCertificate by name.

func (*GCECloud) DeleteTargetHttpProxy

func (gce *GCECloud) DeleteTargetHttpProxy(name string) error

DeleteTargetHttpProxy deletes the TargetHttpProxy by name.

func (*GCECloud) DeleteTargetHttpsProxy

func (gce *GCECloud) DeleteTargetHttpsProxy(name string) error

DeleteTargetHttpsProxy deletes the TargetHttpsProxy by name.

func (*GCECloud) DeleteUrlMap

func (gce *GCECloud) DeleteUrlMap(name string) error

DeleteUrlMap deletes a url map by name.

func (*GCECloud) DetachDisk

func (gce *GCECloud) DetachDisk(devicePath, instanceID string) error

func (*GCECloud) DiskIsAttached

func (gce *GCECloud) DiskIsAttached(diskName, instanceID string) (bool, error)

func (*GCECloud) EnsureLoadBalancer

func (gce *GCECloud) EnsureLoadBalancer(name, region string, requestedIP net.IP, ports []*api.ServicePort, hostNames []string, svc types.NamespacedName, affinityType api.ServiceAffinity, annotations map[string]string) (*api.LoadBalancerStatus, error)

EnsureLoadBalancer is an implementation of LoadBalancer.EnsureLoadBalancer. Our load balancers in GCE consist of four separate GCE resources - a static IP address, a firewall rule, a target pool, and a forwarding rule. This function has to manage all of them. Due to an interesting series of design decisions, this handles both creating new load balancers and updating existing load balancers, recognizing when each is needed.

func (*GCECloud) EnsureLoadBalancerDeleted

func (gce *GCECloud) EnsureLoadBalancerDeleted(name, region string) error

EnsureLoadBalancerDeleted is an implementation of LoadBalancer.EnsureLoadBalancerDeleted.

func (*GCECloud) ExternalID

func (gce *GCECloud) ExternalID(instance string) (string, error)

ExternalID returns the cloud provider ID of the specified instance (deprecated).

func (*GCECloud) GetAutoLabelsForPD

func (gce *GCECloud) GetAutoLabelsForPD(name string) (map[string]string, error)

Builds the labels that should be automatically added to a PersistentVolume backed by a GCE PD Specifically, this builds FailureDomain (zone) and Region labels. The PersistentVolumeLabel admission controller calls this and adds the labels when a PV is created.

func (*GCECloud) GetBackendService

func (gce *GCECloud) GetBackendService(name string) (*compute.BackendService, error)

GetBackendService retrieves a backend by name.

func (*GCECloud) GetComputeService

func (g *GCECloud) GetComputeService() *compute.Service

Raw access to the underlying GCE service, probably should only be used for e2e tests

func (*GCECloud) GetFirewall

func (gce *GCECloud) GetFirewall(name string) (*compute.Firewall, error)

GetFirewall returns the Firewall by name.

func (*GCECloud) GetGlobalForwardingRule

func (gce *GCECloud) GetGlobalForwardingRule(name string) (*compute.ForwardingRule, error)

GetGlobalForwardingRule returns the GlobalForwardingRule by name.

func (*GCECloud) GetGlobalStaticIP

func (gce *GCECloud) GetGlobalStaticIP(name string) (address *compute.Address, err error)

GetGlobalStaticIP returns the global static IP by name.

func (*GCECloud) GetHealth

func (gce *GCECloud) GetHealth(name string, instanceGroupLink string) (*compute.BackendServiceGroupHealth, error)

GetHealth returns the health of the BackendService identified by the given name, in the given instanceGroup. The instanceGroupLink is the fully qualified self link of an instance group.

func (*GCECloud) GetHttpHealthCheck

func (gce *GCECloud) GetHttpHealthCheck(name string) (*compute.HttpHealthCheck, error)

GetHttpHealthCheck returns the given HttpHealthCheck by name.

func (*GCECloud) GetInstanceGroup

func (gce *GCECloud) GetInstanceGroup(name string, zone string) (*compute.InstanceGroup, error)

GetInstanceGroup returns an instance group by name.

func (*GCECloud) GetLoadBalancer

func (gce *GCECloud) GetLoadBalancer(name, region string) (*api.LoadBalancerStatus, bool, error)

GetLoadBalancer is an implementation of LoadBalancer.GetLoadBalancer

func (*GCECloud) GetSslCertificate

func (gce *GCECloud) GetSslCertificate(name string) (*compute.SslCertificate, error)

GetSslCertificate returns the SslCertificate by name.

func (*GCECloud) GetTargetHttpProxy

func (gce *GCECloud) GetTargetHttpProxy(name string) (*compute.TargetHttpProxy, error)

GetTargetHttpProxy returns the UrlMap by name.

func (*GCECloud) GetTargetHttpsProxy

func (gce *GCECloud) GetTargetHttpsProxy(name string) (*compute.TargetHttpsProxy, error)

GetTargetHttpsProxy returns the UrlMap by name.

func (*GCECloud) GetUrlMap

func (gce *GCECloud) GetUrlMap(name string) (*compute.UrlMap, error)

GetUrlMap returns the UrlMap by name.

func (*GCECloud) GetZone

func (gce *GCECloud) GetZone() (cloudprovider.Zone, error)

func (*GCECloud) InstanceID

func (gce *GCECloud) InstanceID(instanceName string) (string, error)

InstanceID returns the cloud provider ID of the specified instance.

func (*GCECloud) InstanceType

func (gce *GCECloud) InstanceType(instanceName string) (string, error)

InstanceType returns the type of the specified instance.

func (*GCECloud) Instances

func (gce *GCECloud) Instances() (cloudprovider.Instances, bool)

Instances returns an implementation of Instances for Google Compute Engine.

func (*GCECloud) List

func (gce *GCECloud) List(filter string) ([]string, error)

List is an implementation of Instances.List.

func (*GCECloud) ListBackendServices

func (gce *GCECloud) ListBackendServices() (*compute.BackendServiceList, error)

ListBackendServices lists all backend services in the project.

func (*GCECloud) ListClusters

func (gce *GCECloud) ListClusters() ([]string, error)

func (*GCECloud) ListGlobalForwardingRules

func (gce *GCECloud) ListGlobalForwardingRules() (*compute.ForwardingRuleList, error)

ListGlobalForwardingRules lists all GlobalForwardingRules in the project.

func (*GCECloud) ListHttpHealthChecks

func (gce *GCECloud) ListHttpHealthChecks() (*compute.HttpHealthCheckList, error)

ListHttpHealthCheck lists all HttpHealthChecks in the project.

func (*GCECloud) ListInstanceGroups

func (gce *GCECloud) ListInstanceGroups(zone string) (*compute.InstanceGroupList, error)

ListInstanceGroups lists all InstanceGroups in the project and zone.

func (*GCECloud) ListInstancesInInstanceGroup

func (gce *GCECloud) ListInstancesInInstanceGroup(name string, zone string, state string) (*compute.InstanceGroupsListInstances, error)

ListInstancesInInstanceGroup lists all the instances in a given instance group and state.

func (*GCECloud) ListRoutes

func (gce *GCECloud) ListRoutes(clusterName string) ([]*cloudprovider.Route, error)

func (*GCECloud) ListSslCertificates

func (gce *GCECloud) ListSslCertificates() (*compute.SslCertificateList, error)

ListSslCertificates lists all SslCertificates in the project.

func (*GCECloud) ListTargetHttpProxies

func (gce *GCECloud) ListTargetHttpProxies() (*compute.TargetHttpProxyList, error)

ListTargetHttpProxies lists all TargetHttpProxies in the project.

func (*GCECloud) ListTargetHttpsProxies

func (gce *GCECloud) ListTargetHttpsProxies() (*compute.TargetHttpsProxyList, error)

ListTargetHttpsProxies lists all TargetHttpsProxies in the project.

func (*GCECloud) ListUrlMaps

func (gce *GCECloud) ListUrlMaps() (*compute.UrlMapList, error)

ListUrlMaps lists all UrlMaps in the project.

func (*GCECloud) LoadBalancer

func (gce *GCECloud) LoadBalancer() (cloudprovider.LoadBalancer, bool)

LoadBalancer returns an implementation of LoadBalancer for Google Compute Engine.

func (*GCECloud) Master

func (gce *GCECloud) Master(clusterName string) (string, error)

func (*GCECloud) NodeAddresses

func (gce *GCECloud) NodeAddresses(_ string) ([]api.NodeAddress, error)

NodeAddresses is an implementation of Instances.NodeAddresses.

func (*GCECloud) ProviderName

func (gce *GCECloud) ProviderName() string

ProviderName returns the cloud provider ID.

func (*GCECloud) RemoveInstancesFromInstanceGroup

func (gce *GCECloud) RemoveInstancesFromInstanceGroup(name string, zone string, instanceNames []string) error

RemoveInstancesFromInstanceGroup removes the given instances from the instance group.

func (*GCECloud) ReserveGlobalStaticIP

func (gce *GCECloud) ReserveGlobalStaticIP(name, ipAddress string) (address *compute.Address, err error)

ReserveGlobalStaticIP creates a global static IP. Caller is allocated a random IP if they do not specify an ipAddress. If an ipAddress is specified, it must belong to the current project, eg: an ephemeral IP associated with a global forwarding rule.

func (*GCECloud) Routes

func (gce *GCECloud) Routes() (cloudprovider.Routes, bool)

Routes returns an implementation of Routes for Google Compute Engine.

func (*GCECloud) ScrubDNS

func (gce *GCECloud) ScrubDNS(nameservers, searches []string) (nsOut, srchOut []string)

ScrubDNS filters DNS settings for pods.

func (*GCECloud) SetProxyForGlobalForwardingRule

func (gce *GCECloud) SetProxyForGlobalForwardingRule(fw *compute.ForwardingRule, targetProxyLink string) error

SetProxyForGlobalForwardingRule links the given TargetHttp(s)Proxy with the given GlobalForwardingRule. targetProxyLink is the SelfLink of a TargetHttp(s)Proxy.

func (*GCECloud) SetSslCertificateForTargetHttpsProxy

func (gce *GCECloud) SetSslCertificateForTargetHttpsProxy(proxy *compute.TargetHttpsProxy, sslCert *compute.SslCertificate) error

SetSslCertificateForTargetHttpsProxy sets the given SslCertificate for the given TargetHttpsProxy.

func (*GCECloud) SetUrlMapForTargetHttpProxy

func (gce *GCECloud) SetUrlMapForTargetHttpProxy(proxy *compute.TargetHttpProxy, urlMap *compute.UrlMap) error

SetUrlMapForTargetHttpProxy sets the given UrlMap for the given TargetHttpProxy.

func (*GCECloud) SetUrlMapForTargetHttpsProxy

func (gce *GCECloud) SetUrlMapForTargetHttpsProxy(proxy *compute.TargetHttpsProxy, urlMap *compute.UrlMap) error

SetUrlMapForTargetHttpsProxy sets the given UrlMap for the given TargetHttpsProxy.

func (*GCECloud) UpdateBackendService

func (gce *GCECloud) UpdateBackendService(bg *compute.BackendService) error

UpdateBackendService applies the given BackendService as an update to an existing service.

func (*GCECloud) UpdateFirewall

func (gce *GCECloud) UpdateFirewall(name, desc string, sourceRanges netsets.IPNet, ports []int64, hostNames []string) error

UpdateFirewall applies the given firewall rule as an update to an existing firewall rule with the same name.

func (*GCECloud) UpdateHttpHealthCheck

func (gce *GCECloud) UpdateHttpHealthCheck(hc *compute.HttpHealthCheck) error

UpdateHttpHealthCheck applies the given HttpHealthCheck as an update.

func (*GCECloud) UpdateLoadBalancer

func (gce *GCECloud) UpdateLoadBalancer(name, region string, hostNames []string) error

UpdateLoadBalancer is an implementation of LoadBalancer.UpdateLoadBalancer.

func (*GCECloud) UpdateUrlMap

func (gce *GCECloud) UpdateUrlMap(urlMap *compute.UrlMap) (*compute.UrlMap, error)

UpdateUrlMap applies the given UrlMap as an update, and returns the new UrlMap.

func (*GCECloud) Zones

func (gce *GCECloud) Zones() (cloudprovider.Zones, bool)

Zones returns an implementation of Zones for Google Compute Engine.

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