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func RegisterExporter

func RegisterExporter(ctx context.Context, conf Config) (func(), error)

RegisterExporter add jaeger as trace exporter


type Config

type Config struct {
	// CollectorEndpoint is the Jaeger HTTP Thrift endpoint.
	// For example, http://localhost:14268/api/traces?format=jaeger.thrift.
	CollectorEndpoint string `toml:"collectorEndpoint" default:"http://localhost:14268/api/traces?format=jaeger.thrift" comment:"Jaeger collector endpoint"`

	// AgentEndpoint instructs exporter to send spans to Jaeger agent at this address.
	// For example, localhost:6831.
	AgentEndpoint string `toml:"agentEndpoint" default:"localhost:6831" comment:"Jaeger agent endpoint"`

	// Username to be used if basic auth is required.
	// Optional.
	Username string `toml:"username" comment:"Jaeger authentication username"`

	// Password to be used if basic auth is required.
	// Optional.
	Password string `toml:"password" comment:"Jaeger authenication password"`

	// ServiceName is the name of the process.
	ServiceName string `toml:"serviceName" comment:"Service name"`

	// ProcessIP is used as Process tag in jaeger to report the IP and have a better representation of span
	ProcessIP string `toml:"processIP" comment:"IP to report in the \"ip\" process tag"`

Config holds information necessary for sending trace to jaeger.

func (Config) Validate

func (c Config) Validate() error

Validate checks that the configuration is valid.

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