Package zset implements a kiwi.Value which can store a set with each element having score.



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    const (
    	// Insert inserts the element(s) in the zset.
    	// Default score is 0.
    	// If element is already present, updates the score to 0.
    	// Returns an array of added elements.
    	Insert kiwi.Action = "INSERT"
    	// Remove removes the element(s) from the zset.
    	// Returns an array of removed elements.
    	Remove kiwi.Action = "REMOVE"
    	// Increment increments the score by given value.
    	// Returns updated score.
    	Increment kiwi.Action = "INCREMENT"
    	// Len gets the length of the zset.
    	// Returns an integer.
    	Len kiwi.Action = "LEN"
    	// Get gets the score of given element.
    	// Returns an integer.
    	Get kiwi.Action = "GET"
    	// PeekMax gets the element with maximum score.
    	// Returns string value.
    	// Returns nil if zset is empty.
    	PeekMax kiwi.Action = "PEEKMAX"
    	// PeekMin gets the element with minimum score.
    	// Returns string value.
    	// Returns nil if zset is empty.
    	PeekMin kiwi.Action = "PEEKMIN"
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    const Type kiwi.ValueType = "zset"

      Type of zset value.


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      var (
      	ErrInvalidParamLen   = fmt.Errorf("not enough parameters")
      	ErrInvalidParamType  = fmt.Errorf("invalid paramater type")
      	ErrInvalidParamValue = fmt.Errorf("invalid parameter value")

        Various errors for zset value type.


        This section is empty.


        type Value

        type Value struct{ sortedset.SortedSet }

          Value can store a set of elements having scores.

          It implements the kiwi.Value interface.

          func (*Value) DoMap

          func (v *Value) DoMap() map[kiwi.Action]kiwi.DoFunc

            DoMap returns the map of v's actions with it's do functions.

            func (*Value) FromJSON

            func (v *Value) FromJSON(rawmessage json.RawMessage) error

              FromJSON populates the s with the data from RawMessage

              func (*Value) ToJSON

              func (v *Value) ToJSON() (json.RawMessage, error)

                ToJSON returns the raw byte array of v's data

                func (*Value) Type

                func (v *Value) Type() kiwi.ValueType

                  Type returns v's type, i.e., "zset".

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