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var (
	ErrGCPAlreadyExists   = gcpErr.Code("already_exists")
	ErrGCPNotFound        = gcpErr.Code("not_found")
	ErrGCPAccessDenied    = gcpErr.Code("access_denied")
	ErrGCPInvalidArgument = gcpErr.Code("invalid_argument")
	ErrGCPUnauthenticated = gcpErr.Code("unauthenticated").Error("missing valid GCP authentication")



func HandleError

func HandleError(err error) error


type CredentialCreator

type CredentialCreator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CredentialCreator is an implementation of the secrethub.Verifier and secrethub.Encrypter interface that can be used to create an GCP service account.

func NewCredentialCreator

func NewCredentialCreator(serviceAccountEmail, keyResourceID string, gcpOptions ...option.ClientOption) (*CredentialCreator, map[string]string, error)

NewCredentialCreator returns a CredentialCreator that uses the provided GCP KMS key and Service Account Email to create a new credential. The GCP client is configured with the optionally provided option.ClientOption.

func (CredentialCreator) AddProof

func (CredentialCreator) Export

func (c CredentialCreator) Export() ([]byte, string, error)

func (CredentialCreator) Type

func (CredentialCreator) Wrap

func (c CredentialCreator) Wrap(plaintext []byte) (*api.EncryptedData, error)

type KMSDecrypter

type KMSDecrypter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KMSDecrypter is an implementation of the secrethub.Decrypter interface that uses GCP KMS for decryption.

func NewKMSDecrypter

func NewKMSDecrypter(options ...option.ClientOption) (*KMSDecrypter, error)

NewKMSDecrypter returns a new KMSDecrypter that uses the provided configuration to configure the GCP session.

func (KMSDecrypter) Unwrap

func (d KMSDecrypter) Unwrap(ciphertext *api.EncryptedData) ([]byte, error)

Unwrap the provided ciphertext using GCP KMS.

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