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type Authorizer

type Authorizer interface {
	AuthorizeLink(redirectURI string, state string) string
	ParseResponse(r *http.Request, state string) (string, error)

func NewAuthorizer

func NewAuthorizer(authURI, clientID string, scopes ...string) Authorizer

type CallbackHandler

type CallbackHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCallbackHandler

func NewCallbackHandler(redirectURL *url.URL, authorizer Authorizer) (CallbackHandler, error)

func (CallbackHandler) AuthorizeURL

func (s CallbackHandler) AuthorizeURL() string

func (CallbackHandler) ListenURL

func (s CallbackHandler) ListenURL() string

func (CallbackHandler) WithAuthorizationCode

func (s CallbackHandler) WithAuthorizationCode(callback func(string) error) error

WithAuthorizationCode executes the provided function with the resulting authorization code or error. Afterwards the user is redirected to the CallbackHandler's baseRedirectURL. If the callback produced an error, the error is appended to the redirect url: &error=<error>. The provided callback function will only be executed once, even if multiple successful callbacks arrive at the server. This function returns when the callback has been executed and the user is redirected.

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