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type Mechanism

type Mechanism interface {
	// Name returns the identifier for this SASL mechanism.  This string will be
	// passed to the SASL handshake request and much match one of the mechanisms
	// supported by Kafka.
	Name() string

	// Start begins SASL authentication. It returns an authentication state
	// machine and "initial response" data (if required by the selected
	// mechanism). A non-nil error causes the client to abort the authentication
	// attempt.
	// A nil ir value is different from a zero-length value. The nil value
	// indicates that the selected mechanism does not use an initial response,
	// while a zero-length value indicates an empty initial response, which must
	// be sent to the server.
	Start(ctx context.Context) (sess StateMachine, ir []byte, err error)

Mechanism implements the SASL state machine for a particular mode of authentication. It is used by the kafka.Dialer to perform the SASL handshake.

A Mechanism must be re-usable and safe for concurrent access by multiple goroutines.

type StateMachine

type StateMachine interface {
	// Next continues challenge-response authentication. A non-nil error
	// indicates that the client should abort the authentication attempt.  If
	// the client has been successfully authenticated, then the done return
	// value will be true.
	Next(ctx context.Context, challenge []byte) (done bool, response []byte, err error)

StateMachine implements the SASL challenge/response flow for a single SASL handshake. A StateMachine will be created by the Mechanism per connection, so it does not need to be safe for concurrent access by multiple goroutines.

Once the StateMachine is created by the Mechanism, the caller loops by passing the server's response into Next and then sending Next's returned bytes to the server. Eventually either Next will indicate that the authentication has been successfully completed via the done return value, or it will indicate that the authentication failed by returning a non-nil error.

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