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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClient

func NewClient() *Client

func NewDefaultClient

func NewDefaultClient() *Client

func (*Client) BroadcastMode

func (c *Client) BroadcastMode() string

func (*Client) ChainID

func (c *Client) ChainID() string

func (*Client) Client

func (c *Client) Client() rpcclient.Client

func (*Client) Copy

func (c *Client) Copy() *Client

func (*Client) From

func (c *Client) From() string

func (*Client) FromAddress

func (c *Client) FromAddress() sdk.AccAddress

func (*Client) HasNodeForPlan

func (c *Client) HasNodeForPlan(id uint64, address hubtypes.NodeAddress) (bool, error)

func (*Client) Keyring

func (c *Client) Keyring() keyring.Keyring

func (*Client) Log

func (c *Client) Log() tmlog.Logger

func (*Client) QueryAccount

func (c *Client) QueryAccount(address sdk.AccAddress) (authtypes.AccountI, error)

func (*Client) QueryNode

func (c *Client) QueryNode(address hubtypes.NodeAddress) (*nodetypes.Node, error)

func (*Client) QueryQuota

func (c *Client) QueryQuota(id uint64, address sdk.AccAddress) (*subscriptiontypes.Quota, error)

func (*Client) QuerySession

func (c *Client) QuerySession(id uint64) (*sessiontypes.Session, error)

func (*Client) QuerySubscription

func (c *Client) QuerySubscription(id uint64) (*subscriptiontypes.Subscription, error)

func (*Client) SimulateAndExecute

func (c *Client) SimulateAndExecute() bool

func (*Client) Tx added in v0.1.7

func (c *Client) Tx(messages ...sdk.Msg) (res *sdk.TxResponse, err error)

func (*Client) TxConfig

func (c *Client) TxConfig() client.TxConfig

func (*Client) WithAccountNumber

func (c *Client) WithAccountNumber(v uint64) *Client

func (*Client) WithAccountRetriever

func (c *Client) WithAccountRetriever(v client.AccountRetriever) *Client

func (*Client) WithBroadcastMode

func (c *Client) WithBroadcastMode(v string) *Client

func (*Client) WithChainID

func (c *Client) WithChainID(v string) *Client

func (*Client) WithClient

func (c *Client) WithClient(v rpcclient.Client) *Client

func (*Client) WithFees

func (c *Client) WithFees(v string) *Client

func (*Client) WithFrom

func (c *Client) WithFrom(v string) *Client

func (*Client) WithFromAddress

func (c *Client) WithFromAddress(v sdk.AccAddress) *Client

func (*Client) WithFromName

func (c *Client) WithFromName(v string) *Client

func (*Client) WithGas

func (c *Client) WithGas(v uint64) *Client

func (*Client) WithGasAdjustment

func (c *Client) WithGasAdjustment(v float64) *Client

func (*Client) WithGasPrices

func (c *Client) WithGasPrices(v string) *Client

func (*Client) WithGenerateOnly

func (c *Client) WithGenerateOnly(v bool) *Client

func (*Client) WithHeight

func (c *Client) WithHeight(v int64) *Client

func (*Client) WithHomeDir

func (c *Client) WithHomeDir(v string) *Client

func (*Client) WithInput

func (c *Client) WithInput(v io.Reader) *Client

func (*Client) WithInterfaceRegistry

func (c *Client) WithInterfaceRegistry(v codectypes.InterfaceRegistry) *Client

func (*Client) WithJSONMarshaler

func (c *Client) WithJSONMarshaler(v codec.JSONMarshaler) *Client

func (*Client) WithKeyring

func (c *Client) WithKeyring(v keyring.Keyring) *Client

func (*Client) WithKeyringDir

func (c *Client) WithKeyringDir(v string) *Client

func (*Client) WithLegacyAmino

func (c *Client) WithLegacyAmino(v *codec.LegacyAmino) *Client

func (*Client) WithLogger

func (c *Client) WithLogger(v tmlog.Logger) *Client

func (*Client) WithMemo

func (c *Client) WithMemo(v string) *Client

func (*Client) WithNodeURI

func (c *Client) WithNodeURI(v string) *Client

func (*Client) WithOffline

func (c *Client) WithOffline(v bool) *Client

func (*Client) WithOutput

func (c *Client) WithOutput(v io.Writer) *Client

func (*Client) WithOutputFormat

func (c *Client) WithOutputFormat(v string) *Client

func (*Client) WithSequence

func (c *Client) WithSequence(v uint64) *Client

func (*Client) WithSignMode

func (c *Client) WithSignMode(v string) *Client

func (*Client) WithSimulate

func (c *Client) WithSimulate(v bool) *Client

func (*Client) WithSimulateAndExecute

func (c *Client) WithSimulateAndExecute(v bool) *Client

func (*Client) WithSkipConfirm

func (c *Client) WithSkipConfirm(v bool) *Client

func (*Client) WithTimeoutHeight

func (c *Client) WithTimeoutHeight(v uint64) *Client

func (*Client) WithTxConfig

func (c *Client) WithTxConfig(v client.TxConfig) *Client

func (*Client) WithUseLedger

func (c *Client) WithUseLedger(v bool) *Client

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