Package diffmatchpatch offers robust algorithms to perform the operations required for synchronizing plain text.



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    type Diff

    type Diff struct {
    	Type Operation
    	Text string

      Diff represents one diff operation

      type DiffMatchPatch

      type DiffMatchPatch struct {
      	// Number of seconds to map a diff before giving up (0 for infinity).
      	DiffTimeout time.Duration
      	// Cost of an empty edit operation in terms of edit characters.
      	DiffEditCost int
      	// How far to search for a match (0 = exact location, 1000+ = broad match). A match this many characters away from the expected location will add 1.0 to the score (0.0 is a perfect match).
      	MatchDistance int
      	// When deleting a large block of text (over ~64 characters), how close do the contents have to be to match the expected contents. (0.0 = perfection, 1.0 = very loose).  Note that MatchThreshold controls how closely the end points of a delete need to match.
      	PatchDeleteThreshold float64
      	// Chunk size for context length.
      	PatchMargin int
      	// The number of bits in an int.
      	MatchMaxBits int
      	// At what point is no match declared (0.0 = perfection, 1.0 = very loose).
      	MatchThreshold float64

        DiffMatchPatch holds the configuration for diff-match-patch operations.

        func New

        func New() *DiffMatchPatch

          New creates a new DiffMatchPatch object with default parameters.

          func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffBisect

          func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffBisect(text1, text2 string, deadline time.Time) []Diff

            DiffBisect finds the 'middle snake' of a diff, split the problem in two and return the recursively constructed diff. If an invalid UTF-8 sequence is encountered, it will be replaced by the Unicode replacement character. See Myers 1986 paper: An O(ND) Difference Algorithm and Its Variations.

            func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffCharsToLines

            func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffCharsToLines(diffs []Diff, lineArray []string) []Diff

              DiffCharsToLines rehydrates the text in a diff from a string of line hashes to real lines of text.

              func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffCleanupEfficiency

              func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffCleanupEfficiency(diffs []Diff) []Diff

                DiffCleanupEfficiency reduces the number of edits by eliminating operationally trivial equalities.

                func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffCleanupMerge

                func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffCleanupMerge(diffs []Diff) []Diff

                  DiffCleanupMerge reorders and merges like edit sections. Merge equalities. Any edit section can move as long as it doesn't cross an equality.

                  func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffCleanupSemantic

                  func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffCleanupSemantic(diffs []Diff) []Diff

                    DiffCleanupSemantic reduces the number of edits by eliminating semantically trivial equalities.

                    func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffCleanupSemanticLossless

                    func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffCleanupSemanticLossless(diffs []Diff) []Diff

                      DiffCleanupSemanticLossless looks for single edits surrounded on both sides by equalities which can be shifted sideways to align the edit to a word boundary. E.g: The c<ins>at c</ins>ame. -> The <ins>cat </ins>came.

                      func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffCommonOverlap

                      func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffCommonOverlap(text1 string, text2 string) int

                        DiffCommonOverlap determines if the suffix of one string is the prefix of another.

                        func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffCommonPrefix

                        func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffCommonPrefix(text1, text2 string) int

                          DiffCommonPrefix determines the common prefix length of two strings.

                          func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffCommonSuffix

                          func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffCommonSuffix(text1, text2 string) int

                            DiffCommonSuffix determines the common suffix length of two strings.

                            func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffFromDelta

                            func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffFromDelta(text1 string, delta string) (diffs []Diff, err error)

                              DiffFromDelta given the original text1, and an encoded string which describes the operations required to transform text1 into text2, comAdde the full diff.

                              func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffHalfMatch

                              func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffHalfMatch(text1, text2 string) []string

                                DiffHalfMatch checks whether the two texts share a substring which is at least half the length of the longer text. This speedup can produce non-minimal diffs.

                                func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffLevenshtein

                                func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffLevenshtein(diffs []Diff) int

                                  DiffLevenshtein computes the Levenshtein distance that is the number of inserted, deleted or substituted characters.

                                  func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffLinesToChars

                                  func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffLinesToChars(text1, text2 string) (string, string, []string)

                                    DiffLinesToChars splits two texts into a list of strings, and educes the texts to a string of hashes where each Unicode character represents one line. It's slightly faster to call DiffLinesToRunes first, followed by DiffMainRunes.

                                    func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffLinesToRunes

                                    func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffLinesToRunes(text1, text2 string) ([]rune, []rune, []string)

                                      DiffLinesToRunes splits two texts into a list of runes.

                                      func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffMain

                                      func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffMain(text1, text2 string, checklines bool) []Diff

                                        DiffMain finds the differences between two texts. If an invalid UTF-8 sequence is encountered, it will be replaced by the Unicode replacement character.

                                        func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffMainRunes

                                        func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffMainRunes(text1, text2 []rune, checklines bool) []Diff

                                          DiffMainRunes finds the differences between two rune sequences. If an invalid UTF-8 sequence is encountered, it will be replaced by the Unicode replacement character.

                                          func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffPrettyHtml

                                          func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffPrettyHtml(diffs []Diff) string

                                            DiffPrettyHtml converts a []Diff into a pretty HTML report. It is intended as an example from which to write one's own display functions.

                                            func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffPrettyText

                                            func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffPrettyText(diffs []Diff) string

                                              DiffPrettyText converts a []Diff into a colored text report.

                                              func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffText1

                                              func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffText1(diffs []Diff) string

                                                DiffText1 computes and returns the source text (all equalities and deletions).

                                                func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffText2

                                                func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffText2(diffs []Diff) string

                                                  DiffText2 computes and returns the destination text (all equalities and insertions).

                                                  func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffToDelta

                                                  func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffToDelta(diffs []Diff) string

                                                    DiffToDelta crushes the diff into an encoded string which describes the operations required to transform text1 into text2. E.g. =3\t-2\t+ing -> Keep 3 chars, delete 2 chars, insert 'ing'. Operations are tab-separated. Inserted text is escaped using %xx notation.

                                                    func (*DiffMatchPatch) DiffXIndex

                                                    func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) DiffXIndex(diffs []Diff, loc int) int

                                                      DiffXIndex returns the equivalent location in s2.

                                                      func (*DiffMatchPatch) MatchAlphabet

                                                      func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) MatchAlphabet(pattern string) map[byte]int

                                                        MatchAlphabet initialises the alphabet for the Bitap algorithm.

                                                        func (*DiffMatchPatch) MatchBitap

                                                        func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) MatchBitap(text, pattern string, loc int) int

                                                          MatchBitap locates the best instance of 'pattern' in 'text' near 'loc' using the Bitap algorithm. Returns -1 if no match was found.

                                                          func (*DiffMatchPatch) MatchMain

                                                          func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) MatchMain(text, pattern string, loc int) int

                                                            MatchMain locates the best instance of 'pattern' in 'text' near 'loc'. Returns -1 if no match found.

                                                            func (*DiffMatchPatch) PatchAddContext

                                                            func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) PatchAddContext(patch Patch, text string) Patch

                                                              PatchAddContext increases the context until it is unique, but doesn't let the pattern expand beyond MatchMaxBits.

                                                              func (*DiffMatchPatch) PatchAddPadding

                                                              func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) PatchAddPadding(patches []Patch) string

                                                                PatchAddPadding adds some padding on text start and end so that edges can match something. Intended to be called only from within patchApply.

                                                                func (*DiffMatchPatch) PatchApply

                                                                func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) PatchApply(patches []Patch, text string) (string, []bool)

                                                                  PatchApply merges a set of patches onto the text. Returns a patched text, as well as an array of true/false values indicating which patches were applied.

                                                                  func (*DiffMatchPatch) PatchDeepCopy

                                                                  func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) PatchDeepCopy(patches []Patch) []Patch

                                                                    PatchDeepCopy returns an array that is identical to a given an array of patches.

                                                                    func (*DiffMatchPatch) PatchFromText

                                                                    func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) PatchFromText(textline string) ([]Patch, error)

                                                                      PatchFromText parses a textual representation of patches and returns a List of Patch objects.

                                                                      func (*DiffMatchPatch) PatchMake

                                                                      func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) PatchMake(opt ...interface{}) []Patch

                                                                        PatchMake computes a list of patches.

                                                                        func (*DiffMatchPatch) PatchSplitMax

                                                                        func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) PatchSplitMax(patches []Patch) []Patch

                                                                          PatchSplitMax looks through the patches and breaks up any which are longer than the maximum limit of the match algorithm. Intended to be called only from within patchApply.

                                                                          func (*DiffMatchPatch) PatchToText

                                                                          func (dmp *DiffMatchPatch) PatchToText(patches []Patch) string

                                                                            PatchToText takes a list of patches and returns a textual representation.

                                                                            type Operation

                                                                            type Operation int8

                                                                              Operation defines the operation of a diff item.

                                                                              const (
                                                                              	// DiffDelete item represents a delete diff.
                                                                              	DiffDelete Operation = -1
                                                                              	// DiffInsert item represents an insert diff.
                                                                              	DiffInsert Operation = 1
                                                                              	// DiffEqual item represents an equal diff.
                                                                              	DiffEqual Operation = 0
                                                                              	//IndexSeparator is used to seperate the array indexes in an index string
                                                                              	IndexSeparator = ","

                                                                              func (Operation) String

                                                                              func (i Operation) String() string

                                                                              type Patch

                                                                              type Patch struct {
                                                                              	Start1  int
                                                                              	Start2  int
                                                                              	Length1 int
                                                                              	Length2 int
                                                                              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                                Patch represents one patch operation.

                                                                                func (*Patch) String

                                                                                func (p *Patch) String() string

                                                                                  String emulates GNU diff's format. Header: @@ -382,8 +481,9 @@ Indices are printed as 1-based, not 0-based.