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Package fileflag provides the FileFlag type, which lets you use asynchronous flags for interprocess semaphore.



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type FileFlag

type FileFlag struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFileFlag

func NewFileFlag(filename string) (ff *FileFlag, err error)

NewFileFlag creates a new FileFlag.

func (*FileFlag) Close

func (ff *FileFlag) Close()

Close closes the FileFlag and disables its watcher. This will also release all waits. This method is nil-safe.

func (*FileFlag) Wait

func (ff *FileFlag) Wait()

Wait blocks until the flag has been removed. If the flag is already removed, it is a passthrough.

func (*FileFlag) WaitForDone

func (ff *FileFlag) WaitForDone()

WaitForDone blocks until the flag has completely been resolved.

func (*FileFlag) WaitForStart

func (ff *FileFlag) WaitForStart()

WaitForStart blocks until the flag exists. If it already exists, it is a passthrough.

func (*FileFlag) WaitForWatch

func (ff *FileFlag) WaitForWatch()

WaitForWatch blocks until the flag has been watched.

func (*FileFlag) Watch

func (ff *FileFlag) Watch()

Watch is our goroutine for watching for changes.

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